A LImerick A Day


Scientists in Italy are investigating the mysterious appearance of pink glacial ice in the Alp

These days it’s easy to think
That our planet is now on the brink
As diseases run free
And we’re starting to see
Alpine glaciers that are turning pink

John Moynes

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9 thoughts on “A LImerick A Day

  1. Clampers Outside

    May I recommend…

    Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All

    400 pages, with 100+ pages references that are approved by all the major environmental agencies including the oh one, the IPCC, which he works for.

    Says the author, Michael Shellenberger, “I wrote Apocalypse Never because much of what people believe about the environment is wrong, and we desperately need to get it right.”

    TV interview with the author here:

    Load of reviews here, most from environmental scientists… https://environmentalprogress.org/praise-for-apocalypse-never

    I’ve not read it yet, but it is ordered.

    1. Nigel

      ‘Climate alarmism’ – how you always manage to position yourself against people trying to solve enormous and terrible problems is beyond me. If he thinks much of what people know about the environment is wrong I hope he devotes many chapters to the millions spent by fossil fuel industries since the sixties to pump out disinformation and junk science so they could keep making profits while killing people and destroying the planet, and the ongoing climate change denialism that comes from the right and from powerful industrial and corporate lobbies. I’ll wager those are many, many orders of magnitude more harmful than being alarmed about it.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Typical ‘look over there’ response from you Nigel.

        Please do try harder.

      2. Clampers Outside

        You clearly haven’t looked at what the book is about and what it addresses if that’s your response…. Knee jerk nonsense not at all addressing what the man is talking about. But hey, you do you, you do it so well :)

        1. Nigel

          Look over there, yes, I am trying to make you notice the enormous elephant in the room that is corporate political lobbying and funding of pseudo-science and misinformation to facilitate destructive industries. But you’d rather laugh at teenage activists or whatever.

          Yeah, I get a knee-jerk reaction to anti-climate activists flooding the zone with bull to bog down real experts and exhaust them through gish gallops and cleaning up pseudo-science and false framing and motivated reasoning and outright lies. There is nothing new about any of this, it’s been going on for decades, ‘climate alarmism’ is just the latest corporate branding exercise to let them keep on literally destroying the world around us, and you, with your legendarily faulty reasoning skills and inherent reactionary attitude are the perfect gulliible mark for it.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Your first paragraph – I’m well aware of that. This is a different discussion, see links to the book, and actually do some reading.

            Your second paragraph – You mention “real scientists”. Those who work for the IPCC yes?

            This man IS one of those scientists.

            Again, I say, please do better. Read some.

          2. Clampers Outside

            I hadn’t bothered reading to the end at first, soooo much waffle. Anyway, I came back and percevered the banal ramblings and found this gem – “legendary faulty reasoning skills”
            … says the guy who insists women have a penis. You’re a joke mate. Thanks for the LOLs !

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