Last night,

Newcastle, England.

Essential or absurd?

YOU decide.

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21 thoughts on “Sadstock

  1. scottser

    pro – you don’t get to stand behind the biggest guy there and the resulting gig is akin to just watching telly in a field.
    con – it’s watching telly in a field.

    1. Larry

      How sad it is to be young in the new social distancing covid world

      Maybe it will be like the twelve monkeys

      Maybe just return back to what life was like and take the chance and just wear a mask when out

      Look at New Zealand
      They kept it out and now it’s in

      And it will spread

      Let’s examine the way Sweden is now as they did not sacrifice their economy and take stock

      1. Gah!

        No, they just sacrificed their elderly. Thank heavens their population is so spread out. It could have been so much worse. As recent research has shown that antibodies don’t last more than three months, it wasn’t worth it. As for the economy, as its land borders were all closed, there will definitely have been an economic impact. Even post couldn’t get through. Sweden did not do well.

  2. TypeONegative

    Fair play to them for getting that kind of setup to work, but I’d like to know how they managed crowds at the entrance or going for the jacks and pints

      1. Clampers Outside

        For me, yes, that is what I would prefer… for myself.
        That is why I kindly said ‘no thanks’.

  3. Pip

    Assembling and taking apart all those platforms, though.
    Not the most attractive sort of work (shudders).

  4. f_lawless

    ‘Sadstock’ seems a little harsh. I’d have gone for ‘Livestock’
    – on account of it looking like a giant cattle mart

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