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Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park, Wuhan province, China at the weekend

Currently, the water park receives an average of 15,000 daily visitors during weekends, and is offering half-price discounts to some visitors, Hubei Daily reported.

The novel coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan in December last year. As the original epicenter of the outbreak,

May you live in interesting times.



Wuhan hosts massive water park party as coronavirus concerns recede (CNN)

Pics: Hubei Daily

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24 thoughts on “Consider The Source

    1. AKA Frilly Keane

      I’m going to go with Optimism Bro

      I don’t think they’d risk the military enforced lockdown again tbh

      If chlorine is used in that pool – then what’s the harm
      That stuff kills everything
      ‘cept nits

    1. george

      They aren’t. They don’t have any cases but why don’t you go get it if you’re so eager.

      1. SOQ

        Pretty sure Iv’e had it- as has a lot of people I have spoken to. The extent of infection will only be known once a T Cell test for immunity to SARS-Cov-2 becomes available- but there is no money be made in such so- that will be never.

    1. sidhe

      there’s quite a lot of internal discord in the CCP, apparently. so very possible that they are indeed trolling

    1. SOQ

      I think the whole point of a vaccine is you have it before exposing yourself- unless you are suggesting all those kids are already vaccinated?

  1. goldenbrown

    what they’re really thinking

    Sweden’s light-touch approach to Covid-19 has come under renewed criticism after emails show the country’s chief epidemiologist appearing to ask whether a higher death rate among older people might be acceptable if it led to faster herd immunity

    Fuelling further speculation about Tegnell’s intentions, Swedish daily paper Aftonbladet reports he had appeared to have deleted several requested emails in a batch of more than 200 spanning from January to April.

    All perfectly innocent I’m sure

    1. f_lawless

      This is bottom of the barrel stuff.

      “emails show the country’s chief epidemiologist appearing to ask whether a higher death rate among older people might be acceptable”

      Aside from the fact it’s private frank email exchange between two epidemiologists brainstorming ideas in the middle of a pandemic where the goal is to minimise the overall number of deaths but there are no easy options, he doesn’t actually ask if a “higher death rate is acceptable”. Here’s the exchange:

      ‘One point would be to keep schools open to reach herd immunity faster,’ Tegnell said, to which Salminen emailed back that Finnish health agency had considered this but rejected it because ‘over time, the children are still going to spread the infection’ to other age groups.

      Finland’s modelling suggested closing schools would reduce the spread of Covid-19 among elderly people by about 10%, Salminen said.

      Tegnell responded: ‘10% might be worth it?’

      He’s debating whether the risk of keeping schools open and not reducing the spread among the elderly by an estimated 10% at this point in time may be justified by reaching the herd immunity threshold sooner rather than later. The logic behind this strategy would be that the sooner the HIT is achieved, the less time vulnerable people have spent in danger from exposure to the virus. So in the longer term, keeping the schools open would result in less fatalities among the elderly than if the schools had been closed.

      1. goldenbrown

        it goes to show the thought process though f_lawless, doesn’t it. or is this exchange and the emerging story completely made up? emails (the ones that weren’t deleted) obtained fair and square under their FOI.

        Interpret it whatever you want but my reading of this is that it was under active discussion in that period, or is the claim that the lads were just shootin the breeze?

        1. f_lawless

          At a certain point fairly early in the pandemic Tegnell and team made the political decision to be careful about how they described their strategy. “If herd immunity happens as a consequence of our strategy to inflict minimal disruption on Swedish society, then all the better” they would say. “But herd immunity is not the outright goal”

          The reason for that was because the term had suddenly become viewed as an abomination in the international media. A narrative developed that a callous uncaring Tory party in the UK were prepared to just “let the virus rip” through society culling the elderly and vulnerable. This is what naturally acquired herd immunity came to mean for the general public.

          But time has moved on and now more and more experts are conceding that a natural herd immunity strategy is a viable one after all. So that’s why trying to use the fact he was apparently having a discussion related to herd immunity in a private setting as the latest angle of attack really smacks of desperation.

          In order to protect their own credibility, the governments that imposed lockdowns – and the media outlets which urged them on – see it as vital that Sweden’s decision to avoid a lockdown is never perceived as a success story by the public at large

          1. SOQ

            bisted- Broadsheet’s very own granny who occasionally wakes up after 6 sherrys and a Nitrazepam.

      2. Cian

        Was the exchange in English? or is this a translation?

        If it is a translation then it is mostly useless to fight over the nuances.

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