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This morning.

Nagle Community College, Cork City.





Utah, USA.

Some Dublin schools are considering offering ‘breathing breaks’ to allow students go outside and take off their masks for a time.

This afternoon.

Via Today FM:

We visited three schools in Dublin this week to find out how preparations are going for the coming year.

Around 930,000 students are returning to school for the first time since March and, when they do, they will face a very different learning experience.

Kathy Jones, Principal of the Bremore Educate Together school in Balbriggan said students and teachers will have to do all they can to keep each other safe.

We will have to build in movement breaks and breathing breaks for the students where they can go outside, maybe remove the mask for a little while and go back in,” she said.

Meanwhile, Michael McHugh from O’Connell Secondary School in Drumcondra said

“Teachers by their nature are innovative people and they will come up with strategies and ways of keeping children apart but again, children by their nature want to play and interact with each other.

“We will be staggering breaks and we will have bubbles and pods in classrooms to keep them apart as much as possible.”

If you tolerate this, etc.

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