Station To Station


This afternoon.

Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

Protestors demonstrating outside RTE’s studios against the station’s covid coverage and the arrest by Bray Gardai of Gemma O’Doherty for alleged public order offences last Friday.


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128 thoughts on “Station To Station

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          it’s the part where they have a dig at direct provision and what lovely meals they get that is questionable

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            play the video yourself Pat, the part where she starts with ” I’d love to have ….

          2. Pat Mustard

            I didn’t hear any racism. She’s an idiot but not overtly racist.

            Maybe you should climb off your high horse, considering it has no legs.

          3. Micko

            Ah yeah. I see what you’re saying.

            IMO surely that’s just the opinion of someone who’s ignorant of the reality the actual situation of direct provision.

            I’d class a racist as someone who treats someone different coz of their race or ethnicity. Ye know, someone who actually harms the prospects or life of someone of a different race.

            I think the “you’re a racist” label is thrown about a bit too easily tbh

            I don’t think we have a racist problem here in Ireland.

            We have a d&*khead problem.

          4. Janet, dreams of big guns

            As someone who has been on the receiving end of racism in Ireland granted directed at my partner and at innocent mix race children, I’m sorry to tell you there very much is racism,
            also why does she even bring direct provision into the equation, look what they have got, the other , the not Irish , that’s her angle.

          5. Micko

            I think it’s probably fairly nuanced.

            Either way, what she’s saying is very wrong and misguided.

            Sorry to hear you and your family have experienced that Janet

            Not cool.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Well, according to Ebun Joseph, someone who says they are not a racist is a racist in denial.

      Are you a racist Daisy?

  1. Scundered

    Amazing how they try to shoehorn in something about slavery, since it’s flavour of the month. What an embarassing section of our society.

    Always educate your children.

  2. James M.Chimney

    Only Slaves wear masks? What kinda night life is he into? I wonder does he want a boot full of Depeche Mode cds, the complete works of DeSade and a pair of rubber chaps, I’m not getting any takers on adverts.

    1. Nigel

      If Halloween gets cancelled this year there won’t be lots of slaves running around trick or treating.

  3. Junkface

    So you’re all racists now eh? Thanks for dirtying the national flag.

    Education is the best tool to fight against ignorance. These people are an embarrassment to Ireland.

    And how is wearing a mask making someone a slave? They are so thick, totally logic free trolls.

      1. Nigel

        I’m sure that the examples pictured there would fall over themselves to agree with you that their masks and our masks are exactly the same.

  4. newsjustin

    I dont get it. Why the obsession with masks being so terrible?

    If we had monsoons this year, they’d be telling us wellies are the work of the Devil, Bill Gates, and RTE.

    1. Sean R

      What cracks me up is the “sickness” that masks give you ; all those germs being re-inhaled, yet Doctors seem to have managed to stay alive during operations that can take 8 and 10 hours at a time
      I’ve never heard of a single case where someone wearing a mask was ever admitted to hospital for breathing problems
      Oh and the racism… so much racism

          1. Sean R

            No Pat, you’re a breitbart creation
            Just because you can’t think for yourself, there’s no reason to unload your insecurities and fears onto everyone else

          2. Pat Mustard

            Oh dear, looks like Sean has got himself in a bit of a muddle.

            Playing the man not the ball. Do tell me Sean, what have I got to do with your original comment, which you have now disproved yourself by recognising staph infections.

            I noticed your vile comment below was removed.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Here’s a non Sheitbart source confirming that infections from wearing masks is pure makey uppy balderdash.
            Contracting a staph infection from masks is incredibly rare, said Dr. Ivy Lee, a board certified dermatologist with a private practice in California. If the skin is broken, it is a potential source for bacteria or viruses to cause a secondary infection.”
            As usual Pat spouts sheit!

          4. Pat Mustard

            “AP’S ASSESSMENT: Partly false. Masks do not restrict airflow or cause serious lung infections. Wearing a dirty mask with an open wound could lead to a staph infection but that is rare. Medical experts encourage the use of face masks to curb the spread of the coronavirus. ”

            Oh dear, looks like daisy is wrong yet again..

            Wearing a mask can cause a staph infection.

            If a person has a small wound on their face around the mouth and nose, which people commonly do, they are susceptible to a staph infection from consistently wearing a face mask.

          5. Pat Mustard

            So we’re into degrees of correctness now?

            Rare = possible = I’m right.

            Sean is talking nonsense, unfortunately for the poor chap.

          6. Pat Mustard

            Right about the crime bill enabling the cops, right about no collusion or evidence of interference.

            Too easy

          7. Pat Mustard

            No collusion – fact.

            No interference – fact
            (crowd strike confirmed this, and nowhere in the Mueller report is the mechanism of interference shown. Simply saying it doesn’t cut it.)

            Who wrote the crime bill which allowed the cops to beat the daylights out of black people?

            Hint: Its the same person you called “the moral choice..”

            Too easy.

          8. Nigel

            Loadsa collusion, loadsa interference, and he is the moral choice. Unless you’re saying Trump is the moral choice. Are you saying Trump is the moral choice? I know you have a yearning for an inbred ariistocracy…

          9. Pat Mustard

            No collusion, no interference.

            Tell me where in the Mueller report that it states any collusion. Tell me where in the Mueller report where it states the mechanism of interference.

            So you’re saying that Biden, the guy wrote the crime bill that enables the cops to demonise black people, which you often whinge about, every day is the “moral choice”?

          10. Papi


            “Playing the man not the ball”

            In fairness, your balls aren’t worth playing with, and the man seems like a ball bag.

          11. Pat Mustard

            @ Papi

            As if I give a toss about your warped view of the conversation. Particularly when you arrive a day late, and contribute nothing as per usual.

            Stick to playing with wood in Norway.

          12. Rob_G

            People have been getting staph infections from wounds on their faces long before everyone started wearing masks…

          13. Pat Mustard

            @ Rob_G

            Wow thanks for that useless piece of irrelevant info. The conversation was about whether a person can get staph infections from wearing a mask, which you can.

          1. Sean R

            Hopefully you get to see this message before it gets removed Pat. You’re a rube who jumps on every comment because you’re scared and because you don’t know what to do with the fear, you lash out at everyone. I genuinely feel sorry for you Pat.

            Reply all you like, I won’t be reading it so you’ll just look like a fool shouting into the void

    1. Scundered

      She’s a rare breed of human who is so right leaning that she needs a crutch, this is why everyone should try and stay centrist in their political opinions.

    1. Haroo

      I honestly read that as “ball bags” maketh the slave… My initial thought was I knew I have been doing it wrong

  5. Eoineyo

    The crazies out on a day trip today. They couldn’t careless about homelessness they just use it as a weapon to attack people worse off.
    I don’t know whether to feel sorry for them or to be jealous because no matter how ridiculous they sound or look they haven’t a care in the world.

  6. Sean R

    These people hurt my nerves

    The racism that comes out of their mouths makes me physically ill

    They’re the only people I don’t want in my beautiful Country

    (and maybe most of FFFG)

    Other than that…

      1. millie madonna

        Excellent rebuttal there Pat.

        Not sure why I expected much more though. That seems to be your limit.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            actually I’m claiming the kind of lack of intelligence that thinks racism is justifiable is probably due to inbreeding, which granted isn’t very nice either and quiet snobby, but I’m not perfect and yes I am a bit of a snob sometimes

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I was also having a little play on the fact that a wider gene pool has many genetic advantages, but whooosh…

        1. Pat Mustard

          @ Millie..

          My limit?

          From the person who thought vaccines solved measles and polio has been eradicated.

          High horse almighty.

          1. millie madonna

            You think Bill Gates has an evil agenda to forcibly vaccinate the world. I really don’t think I need to elaborate any further. That monster under the bed isn’t actually real, you know.

          2. SOQ

            @millie- do you agree with the EU’s decision to block GMO foods?

            Are you really ok with a ‘trust me I am doctor’ line given your new arrival?

          3. millie madonna

            What has one thing to do with the other? I don’t understand the correlation.

            And yes, I do very much trust doctors and healthcare professionals. They are the same kind of people who worked tirelessly to take care of me and my children. Without them, I would have died 7 years ago along with my daughter. Without their dedication and care, my daughter wouldn’t have lived more than a handful of hours. I don’t think you walk away from that kind of experience without a certain degree of respect and gratitude for doctors. My experience of giving birth to my son didn’t change that either.

            I respect that these people spent years learning their profession and trust that they know what they are doing, that the information they operate under is best practice. I’m no scientist or doctor. I have school-level biology, and that’s it. In the same way I trust that a solicitor knows the law they practice or that my optician is able to correctly give me my prescription, because they have studied it – it is their field, not mine.

  7. ACI Question

    No mention of Gemma O’Doherty or RTE’s coverage of Covid in that clip, just suggestions that here’s no support mechanisms in place for the people of Ireland so presumably none of those present are claiming benefits of any kind and took an annual leave day to go hang around outside RTE in the middle of the working day.

    Dolores Webster has done a good job of positioning herself as a mouthpiece for the Saturday GPO group, in many ways she’s been more successful than Gemma O’Doherty who when left to her own devices tend to end up with crowds of six or seven people these days – looks like there’s at least 20 there.

    1. Sean R

      In their defence, they’re only unemployed because the foreigners came over here and took all their jobs

          1. Pat Mustard

            Typical wokey woke snobbery, masquerading the white flag of ignorance.

            Its worth noting that the only comments to be deleted so far are from Sean, and Daisy. Whilst Janet claims I’m imbred.

            Take some time off playing charlatan on the Internet.

          2. Janet, dreams of big guns

            this is such fun, I haven’t allowed myself a silly playground scrap discours like this in about 30 years…
            bored now though, it’s been emotional.

  8. george

    Is she trying to suggest people killed themselves because they aren’t being served a potatoes and beans for dinner at a time of someone else’s choosing?

    1. Ian-O

      Dunno but much more of that video and I might be tempted to take to the water as well.

      She does mean ‘water of life’ I presume?

  9. millie madonna

    I wish I hadn’t watched that now. It’s like watching someone banging their head off a wall repeatedly while simultaneously screaming at themselves to stop, please stop.

  10. CE

    I wonder how many of these folks have worn a Guy Fawkes mask previous while demonstrating against the illuminati or similar shadowy enslavers of us plebs

  11. RuilleBuille

    Where have all these swivel eyed loons suddenly come from? Incels usually don’t leave their bedrooms.

  12. George

    I was driving up to Galway city today around 2pm
    For some reason RTE 1 had suddenly disappeared From the airwaves

    I thought I had de tuned it and retuned the radio to no avail
    I tried again at 5pm and bingo it was there
    The same for news talk

    Strange things happening to national broadcasting

    I wonder did anyone else notice that

    1. Paulus

      It’s possible that you were passing through different transmitter regions.
      FM doesn’t propagate as easily as other frequencies…AM etc. Car radios handle this issue in different ways

  13. Rosette of Sirius

    A bit of Victoria Police action to put manners and knock a bit of sense into them wouldn’t go amiss.

    1. Junkface

      Jesus Pat Mustard must be unemployed. How many posts is that on one topic. Get a life!

      Racism is a sign of a lack of intelligence Pat, also a lack of travel and life experience. So yes education can help to enlighten people, skin pigmentation does not make one race more superior or inferior than another. That’s such a dimwitted, moronic way of thinking.

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        thanks for putting that so succinctly, I’m afraid I let my temper get the better of me, it’s one topic that really boils my blood, people are just people even hairy ugly lumbering sleezy fictional postmen.

      2. Pat Mustard

        Jesus Junkface must be unemployed aswell as ignorant. Constantly sniping without a clue what he’s talking about.

        Not to mention the 4 years of conspiracy loon Russia gating.

        Why don’t you go inform yourself before playing charlatan on the Internet.

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