Our Cap Runneth Over


Direct from the Kingdom (8am this morning).

Michael Healy-Rae answers YOUR Questions (or as many as possible in the allotted time).

The Independent Kerry TD is currently at the forefront of a campaign to ‘save Irish pubs’ in the wake of the every-changing rona restrictions and deadlines.

He addresses this and other issues on the piping ‘hot stool’.

It’ll be like playing handball against a haystack, warned one reader.

Was he right?

Only YOU can decide.

With Vanessa Foran and John Ryan.

Previously: Dr Marcus De Brun

29 thoughts on “Our Cap Runneth Over

  1. Col

    I’m not a fan at all.
    But fair play to him for agreeing to answer questions. Especially questions from anonymous online posters.
    And well done to broadsheet for facilitating this type of forum.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      well done broadsheet for allowing all opinions even those we disagree with, especially those we don’t

        1. Brother Barnabas

          in fairness, though, frillz, there was one tough question, which he didnt answer – but did say he would stand up and answer to any man any day of the week… but then didnt actually answer

          1. Vanessanelle

            Dat’s why he’s dere
            in dall airin
            doing what he does for de’ peep’eel of Kirrie
            Loud and Proud

            and we’re here
            pretending to be working
            and many other things too
            and mostly anonymously
            and at our own expense

          2. Sara

            You picked the lightest question, and didn’t ask him the other ones, like how much he’s worth in million, what are his liabilities, etc. It was like a Ryan Tubridy interview. Expected better.

          3. Vanessanelle

            My name is Vanessa
            Not Collector General SIPO of the CRO

            and I’m only interested in knowing stuff that is not already out there
            like his favourite pizza topping, what book is he reading right now,
            guilty pleasure, hobby/ pastime, could he put together a flatpack corner unit
            World Leader he most admires
            Job for a day
            Can he swim, sail surf, cook
            what does date night look like

            general trivia

  2. Tony

    The best part of this is Vanessa going all flirty to Healy Rae from about 23.20. ‘Ooh Michael if only EVERY politician was like you… you should give seminars Michael.. who’s your favourite out of the Bay City Rollers Michael?’

    Genuinely hilarious – thank you BS!

      1. Tony

        Ah here BS. What was wrong with that comment? It was a fair description of oul Frilly’s attitude to Healy Rae. Is herself super sensitive or something?

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      How da’ tootles would you know
      You couldn’t see my face to establish who I was making eyes at
      Or even have make any decent attempt at reading body language

      Was I even visible from 2 mins in ’till 2 mins to the end
      If that?

      You need to knock off this harassment Tony
      It’s gone well beyond the point of internet boobooology

      Seriously lad
      You’re at this now over two years
      Get a life

  3. Mr .T

    Very disappointed that he sees no issue with our current legislation re: alcohol & opening hours.

    And he of all people, a kerryman. And they love their pubs

  4. White Dove

    Thanks very much. I enjoyed this. John and Michael were well able for one another. Two cautions! Vanessa was excellent also.

  5. Liam Deliverance

    LOL! – Thanks for asking my question, to be honest I did not think my question would be asked, I presumed the questions would be vetted. Fair play for asking many of these questions and fair play to MHR for coming on and being brave enough to tackle these questions in a main stream media outlet and from anonymous posters.

    It was perfectly clear to all, at the time, the reasons behind the Oireachtas Special Committee to investigate the John Delaney loan to the FAI, it was an opportunity to question the FAI and John Delaney on the loan (even though JD refused to answer anything on the day) and it was convened against a backdrop of questionable goings on in the FAI for many years. Despite this your sole contribution to the meeting was to tell everybody what a great man JD was then fail to ask him a single question. You brought the work of the meeting organizers, the outlay of taxpayers money and the time of all of those people present into disrepute.

    I don’t think MHR or politicians like him offer anything to the country as a whole, their seat could be better served by many others so I wish him well and good luck outside of politics, we may miss your comedic contribution but not much more than that.

    Thanks BS, John, V – I should review my definition and use of the word b****guard going forward!

    1. GiggidyGoo

      “I don’t think MHR or politicians like him offer anything to the country as a whole…”
      Most are like him. The main goal after getting elected, is to get re-elected. The difference with the Healey Rae’s is that they make no secret of it (hence the potholes fixed etc.)
      The only TD that I can remember standing for election based on NOT being there to get the local potholes etc. fixed was Mick Wallace. His political career brought quite a few changes, and shone the spotlight where it hadn’t been shone before.

  6. Lilly

    He was a good sport for doing this.

    All the same, it’s not enough to accuse someone who questions his Dail attendance record of having an agenda. If the figures are wrong, say so and correct them. ‘I work hard and give 120% is not a convincing rebuttal’. Address the facts.

    Also, I’d prefer if he had denounced John Delaney and warned him never to set foot in the Kingdom again. But he’s a politician after all; that was probably expecting too much.

    I enjoyed all the stray Hs flying around. Ashk, honeshtly… music to my ears.

    And thanks, Vanessa, for asking about the rhododendrons! Michael Fitzmaurice next. BS telly is on a roll :)

  7. Paulus

    Has MHR invented new practical headwear; the umberet i.e. large enough to keep your body dry as well as your head?

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