Mall In This Together



This morning.

Jervis Street Shopping Centre, Jervis Street, Dublin 1.

Pic by Nick



16 thoughts on “Mall In This Together

  1. missred

    I feel gross every time I leave the Jervis Centre, need to clean myself with a wire brush. So in a pandemic I would be selling full hazmat suits at the door. Awful airless kip

      1. missred

        Oh any time I do go in there are always cleaning staff working hard, but the building has a haunting and sticky quality to it

  2. Anti Bots

    It’s a dump, it’s overpriced, I never go there (even though I do)….but if it shuts I’ll be the first to support the workers. The irony of the key board warrior / hurler on the ditch.

  3. Hector Rameriz

    have been in a dunnes where one of the staff members uses one of those half plastic mask things that cover their mouth only…

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