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  1. Col

    I’m not being funny, but that does look like 50% capacity. One person in every second seat and about 10 people standing.

    EDIT- sorry, yeah now i see the person standing on the stairs. Very annoying.

  2. SB

    Plus the usual nosebreather standing there right where people have to breath in her Covid as they go past

  3. dav

    All seats upstairs have a single occupant, only issue appears to be the people standing up, which we must allow for those preparing to leave the bus via the centre doors and instead of all standing at the door, they are spacing away from each other.

  4. Jonjo

    People standing there on the stairs have always been annoying, not just because of Covid. Bet he just backs himself even more into the corner when someone tries to get past, instead of getting out of the way.

    1. Kim The Cardassian

      ** Slow clap **

      Genius! Amazed no one has ever thought of that!

      Seriously, I imagine they would if they could. Not everyone works for tech organisations

    2. ian-oh

      Kind of hard to fix a leak, replace an air con filter, make food, direct traffic, paint walls, stack shelves, operate a supermarket till, dig foundations, plaster, wire up network cables, install locks, replace oil filters/tyres, police, administer cpr, milk a cow etc. remotely.

      Although I do believe advances in dairy farming mean you actually can now milk a cow remotely, but most farmers live on their property so probably don’t use public transport anyway?

      1. ian-oh

        What if they do not have a car? What if their workplace is several miles away and they are not able for whatever reasons, to cycle?

        What if they cannot afford the exorbitant parking rates in places like the city centre? A days parking could add up to a weeks public transport?

        People will always need public transport and like the health service in this country, it has been neglected and left to archaic failed institutions like Dublin Bus to provide.

        Before this Dublin Bus was hardly a paragon of public transport, the wife works in the city centre and some mornings the bus just doesn’t turn up and out in county Dublin, that could mean either a 30 minute walk to another stop (where the bus might not turn up either) or waiting nearly an hour for the next one. Happens all the time. So she switched to driving and has incurred additional fuel and parking costs.

        Its a joke.

        1. Harry he/him

          I think maybe people could have a little more foresight on where to live then, and should consider choosing next to a dart or luas

          1. ian-oh

            Right, so its just trolling now.

            I guess people should have known a global pandemic would break out several years ago and made arrangements and that’s before we take into account rent and mortgage prices the last few years.

            Mobility, whether when it comes to somewhere to live or actual mobility in terms of getting around is not easy in Dublin. But you knew this.

  5. Q Celt

    Standing in groups in the way of everyone is normally the language students gig. Not sure who’s taken the role, anti makers?

  6. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

    50% Capacity is the joke. They should be running at 150% capacity to keep those who have to get around moving.

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