And I Hope You Like Jabbin’, Too


Paul Reid, CEO, HSE at Dr Steevens’ Hospital for the weekly HSE operational update on the response to Covid-19 this afternoon

This afternoon.

At the HSE weekly briefing at Dr Steeven’s Hospital Dublin…

The HSE’s chief executive Paul Reid said 69,378 of them were received by frontline healthcare workers and 7,925 were received by people in long term care facilities.

He said said Ireland has received 152,100 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to date, along with 3,600 doses of the Moderna vaccine.

He confirmed that there are 1,792 people with Covid-19 being treated in hospital.

Paul Reid said that equated to over 100% more than at the first peak.

Watch: Weekly HSE briefing on Covid-19 (RTE)


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17 thoughts on “And I Hope You Like Jabbin’, Too

  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Fact #16

    UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has revealed this afternoon that the number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered has passed the 3 MILLION mark with more than 300,000 within the last 24 hours alone.

    1. broadbag

      On CH4 news last night there was a report on US vaccination progress which said one site alone (I think in New York) was vaccinating 10,000 people per day, while over here it’s tumbleweeds with the odd vaccination here and there, utterly pathetic response from the HSE/govt.

      1. ReproBertie

        The odd vaccination here and there? We got 35,000 doses delivered in the first week and 40,000 in the second. By Wednesday of week 3 we have administered over 77,000 doses (i.e. everything received in the first 2 weeks) with another 75,000 in the system.

        1. Charger Salmons

          You’re doing a fine job as an apologist for the EU and the Irish government.
          ’tis only a flesh wound …

          1. ReproBertie

            Just as you do a fine job of ignoring every negative story about the UK’s vaccine rollout.

            “Doctors, NHS specialists and MPs told the Guardian that batches of the Pfizer and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine frequently arrived with only a couple of days’ notice, requiring last-minute planning and creating uncertainty for patients.

            Ruth Rankine, director of the primary care network for the NHS Confederation, said “it’s no secret that consistency in supplies is an issue” and that the 800-plus GP surgeries already delivering jabs had capacity to do more if the drugs were available.”

            Pointing out the facts of the situation is not being an apologist. It’s just countering groundless negative misinformation.

      2. Charger Salmons

        It doesn’t help that the IT system for the vaccination programme was only delivered to the HSE by the end of December.
        Think about that – 9 months after the pandemic began and with vaccines already beginning to arrive in the country they still hadn’t got their IT in order.

        “in effect, we are combining 21st century cutting-edge vaccine medicine with a 13th century means of recording it, which is simply a pencil and paper”.áil-told-1.4458313

  2. broadbag

    3,600 doses of Moderna – barely worth sending such a pathetic amount, but nay worry we’ll have 4 million vaccinated by Sept…according to Donnelly.

    1. ReproBertie

      Moderna only started delivering to EU states on Tuesday and we have pre-ordered 875,000 doses.

  3. Cian

    77,303 is 1.56% of the population

    Which puts Ireland toward the top of the EU rollout (albeit far behind UK ~5% and USA ~3%)

    Here is a graph (Ireland wasn’t updated since 10th, when i posted this, but we will be at 1.56)

      1. broadbag

        Leave me whinge in peace you lot! I’ve got a bad feeling they’re going to massively F this up and none of your facts convince me otherwise, I feel it deep in my waters (there’s a vaccine for that, etc, etc…)

        1. Jon Smoke

          The hallmark of the “grass is greener syndrome” is the idea that there is always something better that we are missing. So rather than experiencing stability, security, and satisfaction in the present environment, the feeling is there is more and better elsewhere, and anything less than ideal won’t do.

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