Keeping Them Honest



Laragh Village, County Wicklow.




Good times.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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10 thoughts on “Keeping Them Honest

  1. gallantman

    We can’t have people walking their dogs on lonely winter beaches spreading the virus into the frigid air. Instead we’ll coral everyone onto busy suburban pavements and help protect the Health service.

    Excellent work Garda!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. scottser

      apropos of nothing, the dublin hills around ticknock and three rock were probably busier than grafton street over the weekend.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        one of the upshots of all this is the number of people discovering what’s around them for the first time – so many great places to walk, run, visit

    2. paul

      one rule for everyone, no matter where they live. 5K in the four cardinal directions from my house is the edge of the town, the sea, a motorway and a fallow field. If I wanted to extend that to a nice beach, it would include a second town and thus defeat the purpose.

      If city dwellers can’t exercise freely within their 5k, then that’s tough luck. It’s a lockdown, not a ‘ah shure whatever suits ye best-down’. Get the cases back and down and then you can go to the beach.

  2. one username per commenter please

    More bad work by the Keystones for their idiot politically biased management. They should of course be focusing on fining Employers who are insisting on Employees who have the ability to work from home, being dragged into their premises to spread corona virus needlessly.

    In other news the Clown Greenwash Party somnambulist Eamon Ryan, lied on the same program today and the useless FFFG lackey Claire Byrne failed to correct him on it, saying that all nursing homes have been vaccinated! No wonder they are losing their ethical party members in droves

  3. Gavin

    Two building sites open around the corner from me …is that essential? Until there’s a consistent message people are going to continue to interpret it how they like

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