“I Know It’s Awkward And You’re In A Bubble, But You’re At A Gig”


Ah here.

Last night.

Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ 1.

Professor Luke O Neill and comedian Bernard O’Shea test out covid-denying bubbles.



Watch back here


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25 thoughts on ““I Know It’s Awkward And You’re In A Bubble, But You’re At A Gig”

  1. ce

    In fairness, I was surprised that there wasn’t more of this bubble play in life over the last couple of months…it was only a matter of time

    1. ian-oh

      Heard one of their songs once. Got about 90 seconds into it and thought my ears would die of necrosis.

      They actually might have other songs that are good but cannot repeat that experience.

    1. ian-oh

      Luke O’Neill is incredibly annoying. Never mind that on many issues I would agree with him, his stupid laugh about everything is a bit much.

      ”Well Ryan, ha ha ha ha, we’ll probably all die soon enough, ha ha ha ha, so wear a mask not that they do much good, ha ha ha ha, oh sorry, do wear a mask, they are great, ha ha ha ha, hang on, yep, definitely wear a mask, ha ha ha ha’.

      Thinks he’s a farking celebrity, but then RTE thinks its a public service broadcaster so he is in the right company.

      1. markdcp

        He’s by far Irelands (and globally top 1%) most successful scientist by output and influence, he is the exact same in person and his lectures were always memorable. You just know he loves his job and its infectious (excuse the pun). Ive met a few scientists of his caliber and Id take Luke’s playfulness over any of the smug ivory tower types any day.

          1. millie bobby brownie

            Well you know what they say Mick, go with your own impressions, based off media appearances and maybe a touch of personal bias, as opposed to taking the word of someone who can actually speak to personal experience in dealing with him.

            I do the same thing with Clare Byrne, actually.

            And speaking of herself, wasn’t last night an absolute embarrassment? Do you think she lies in bed at night and asks herself ‘Was it for this?’

          2. Micko

            I say always go with yer own impressions on people Millie. That way yer never disappointed. ;)

            With regards to Claire, she’s so wrapped up in the “haters gonna hate” bubble that she’s practically invincible.

            Although I did note on Twitter that the feeling on this piece last night was overwhelmingly one of sheer disbelief.

            Usually it’s a mixed bag – so maybe we’ll see a return to some normality on these shows.

  2. millie bobby brownie

    Who let that absence of humour, Bernard O’Shea, on live tv? The man makes a funeral look fun.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Sweet relief, is what that would be. Then we’d be spared more ‘comedy’ from Bridget and Eamon.

  3. millie bobby brownie

    Marcus de Brun sounding increasingly mental, going by his twitter feed.

    Didn’t he quit twitter?

    1. Shane O'Quinn

      Marcus De Brúin gave up everything to tell the truth about this virus. I have corresponded with him about. It has cost him close personal relationships with those who prefer to live in ignorance. His wife demanded that he log off, thankfully he choose to be a truthteller.

      Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Marcus De Brúin and Michael McNamara TD are three heros of this fake crisis.

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