This afternoon.

He’s really angry.

Labour leader Alan Kelly said mandatory hotel quarantine needs to be introduced immediately.

Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One, he said it is not good enough that it will be a number of weeks for the legislation that is being brought in to become operational.

Mr Kelly said that “we’ve locked up our people three times to stay within 5km of their homes, the choice into the future is do we continue to do that or do we quarantine people coming in”.


The Government is seeking to increase fines for non-essential international travel from €500 to €2,000.

Speaking in the Dáil, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that around 60% of international travellers arriving into Ireland are returning Irish holiday makers.

He told Labour’s Duncan Smith that “there is a sense that €500 is not a sufficient disincentive to travel abroad“.

Plans to increase international travel fine to €2,000 (RTÉ)

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24 thoughts on “Stalin Kelly

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Is this heading in the direction of the state paying for the quarantine period, for when traveler agrees to quarantine but refuses to pay or cannot pay, or traveler says they will quarantine at home but state insists on hotel.

    So get off a plane, collect your bag, off to hotel, stay in tiny room for 10 days, no interaction with other humans, meals left outside your door, hotel staff PPE’d to the max, 3.5 meals a day and 3 litres of water, extra charges for movies or mini-bar or a pint brought up, extra charges for hotel providing round the clock service?

    Could be a nice little earner for those connected to the Hotel trade.

  2. JEH

    Of course 500 euros isn’t enough to stop people from travelling. Weigh up the chances of being caught versus the penalty for being caught and the expected value is probably quite low. Why not make the fines 10,000 euro? If it’s not essential travel, well, you shouldn’t be travelling anyway, hence the logic of the fine.

    1. ida

      Don’t be stupid. People can travel if they wish. If they get a negative PCR test on return they are not going to spread the virus, so safer than someone who stays here.

      Travel ban is a knee jerk reaction by an inept government

      1. Shane O'Quinn

        The PCR test is proven to be rubbish.

        Professor Carl Heneghan, former vice president of Pfizer and man who invented the test, says it’s rubbish. It’s run at hundreds of CT Cells and discovering fragments.

  3. axelf

    so the same govt who laid on flights to bring people back from the uk just over a month ago are now trying to fine people for going. talk about horse bolting and foot shooting

  4. RuilleBuille

    Watching RTE you would think Labour (six seats) was the main opposition party rather than Sinn Fein (37 seats)!

  5. Diddy

    By the time we get cases down to fewer than 50 a day it’ll be mid to late March. We will have imprisoned the population for 10 weeks or more. If we are to re emerge we do what government did last year and merely “advise” people not to travel. Or all of this tedium will have been for nought. Mitigation in all areas must be the policy so we can at least get a decent summer out of it

  6. Micko

    My favourite thing about all this is I have a few social media “friends” all calling for the place to be locked down and to stop “infected” people coming into the country. Ye know the type – over-reactionary dopes.

    And now the government has taken it to the next logical conclusion, that our movements are restricted and our freedom of movement is fined and we could be possibly quarantined they are all “what? No. This is terrible”

    Kind of like “ I meant stop the dirty foreigners coming in. Not me! I’m clean”

    Hilarious. Ye got what you asked for.

    1. Shane O'Quinn

      Absolutely agree Micko. Aside from the fact that this is less serious than the flu, we are a small open economy with large multinational companies who need to come and go.

      And when the trials happen anyone who supported this should be imprisoned in a hotel for ten years. At their own expense.

  7. Broadbag


    1) Please don’t travel (doesn’t work)

    2) There’s a very vague chance there might be Gardai checking your reason for travel (doesn’t work)

    3) There WILL be Gardai checking (doesn’t work)

    4) There’ll be a tiny fine (doesn’t work)

    5) There’ll be a slightly less tiny fine (doesn’t work)

    6) There’ll be a substantial fine (might work?)

    Why can’t they jump straight to point 6 instead of all this wishy-washy nonsense on every single issue, it’s pathetic, ”we’ll trust that people will do the right thing” really hasn’t worked out overall, ever!

    1. Micko

      “Doing the right thing?”

      As we’re all finding out now, these measures seem reasonable to many, but the main question is when do we lift them. When do we come out of lockdown?

      All these new measures being brought in will have the same issues. When do we lift them? How long will it go on?

      Look how hard it is to get the people out of the depression they’re in right now.

      In the past two days I’ve spoken to two separate friends about their kids, all suffering terrible.

      One kid is just out of college – he sees no future and has been into this Qanon type crap from too much rubbish online. He’s in his early 20’s and has just finished his masters – smart kid. Sees no future, no point to his education and can’t see any friends. He’s also taking Covid way to seriously. Washes his hands constantly, his skin is all cracked and bleeding on his hands. His anxiety is through the roof.

      My mate is terrified he’s gonna do something stupid and he going to come home someday to something awful.

      My other mates 14 year old daughter cries up in her room most days, she just sits in front of her computer for “zoom school” from 9-12 everyday. Doesn’t bother answering questions the teacher asks as she “sees no point to it” and she can just say nothing and pretend she didn’t hear the teacher.

      We are messing up these kids, for a disease that barely even effects them.

      How is this “doing the right thing” for them?

      1. Susan

        No one knows when lockdown will be lifted as there aren’t enough vaccinated yet. THATS why they haven’t announced yet-because they can’t.
        Barely affects children? Really??? Yes everyone is suffering with the measures put in place but I’m sure those kids you’ve referenced would rather be healthy than sick.

        1. Micko

          This disease has killed 12 people under the age of 35.

          Less that half the people who died were even brought to hospital. Who doesn’t get brought to hospital?

          These are the facts from the HSE. Under the age of 35 only 12 people have died. It’s a minor risk.

          That’s 0.005% of the infected 204,000 confirmed cases.

          So yeah – barely. I think 0.005% is barely. Don’t you?

          Let the kids be free. You stay in if you want.

          1. Shane O'Quinn

            “One kid is just out of college – he sees no future and has been into this Qanon type crap from too much rubbish online”

            Big fan of yours Micko but maybe dismissing a young person’s belief system is part of the problem (and a form of abuse). Have some respect for a young fellow truthseeker.

  8. Paul Davis

    All this when we are at record low deaths in the country for the last month.

    Politics and theatre at its finest.

    1. Shane O'Quinn

      100% correct.

      Apparently people’s driving skills have regressed to the point that we will see an increase in road deaths. Watch them twist that.

    1. Micko

      Ok fine. Every life needs to be saved.

      So taking that to it’s logical conclusion, when Covid goes finally goes away, would you support a lockdown every winter for 4 months to suppress the deaths of those who die every winter from flu?

      Flu has almost disappeared thanks to lockdown – so we know it works right? Should we pursue the same strategy every year?

      45 people died in the 2019-2020 flu season. Is that 45 “too many”

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