Moved To Another Parish


John McClean abused 27 boys between 1973 and 1990 while he worked for Terenure College.


At the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

During rugby coach John McClean’s sentencing hearing, it was revealed that he admitted to one of the allegations of sexual abuse in 1996.

He left Terenure College in 1996 after certain allegations were made and took up a role coaching rugby with UCD [Director of the college’s Rugby Academy].

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was told that when this allegation arose in 1996, McClean had meetings with Father Robert Kelly, the then Provincial of the Carmelite Order in Ireland, and during one of these meetings McClean admitted to the allegation.

The court heard the first complaint to gardaí ­ in the case was made in 2016.

When providing gardaí­ with notes of this meeting during the investigation into these offences, Fr Kelly said he had no recollection of this, but that if it was in the notes then “it was true”.

Former Terenure teacher admitted sex abuse 20 years before Garda inquiry (Irish Times)

Wednesday:‘The School Principal Was Told About The Abuse In 1979, But Did Not Accept The Allegations Were True’


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3 thoughts on “Moved To Another Parish

  1. johnny

    …he was all over the Leinster schoolboy scene,and to a lesser degree Irish schoolboys,as training/matches were often held at UCD,not always but some times,i played in a probable v possible (irl) game there,he was everywhere,my old man who was plugged in did not like him,i don’t remember him ever been in the bar after training or matches,so that be one reason my dad did not warm to him…but he was just a odd/off shady character.

    i hope and pray this brings some measure of justice and healing to these victims,i want to thank Gemma who without her work,none this would be happening ever. to

  2. Hobson choice

    Vile man and it took so long to nail him then will it take more time to sentence him?

    27 boys should if justice has one ounce of decency means he should rot in prison and every asset he has stripped off him

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