We’re Back, Baby


This morning.

New figures from the Central Statistics Office figures show that residential property prices rose at the fastest annual rate in 17 months in December, up 2.2% year-on-year.

This comes after disruptions from an initial Covid-19 lockdown had halted seven years of unbroken growth.

House prices dropped as much as 0.9% in August but have been broadly stable for the last year or so.

Home prices rose 1.2% in Dublin in December, only the third time prices have increased in Dublin on an annual basis since July 2019.

Annual house price growth hits 17-month high of 2.2% in December (RTÉ)

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3 thoughts on “We’re Back, Baby

  1. Bob

    Torture the numbers and they’ll admit to anything.

    Once the vacinne arrives and calm is restored the job cuts (permanent) will take place. This will occur as the government support systems are reigned in.

    The word ‘covid’ will be slowly replaced with ‘economy’ .

    1. goldenbrown

      The COVID-19 adjusted unemployment rate for January 2021 was 25.0% for all persons including those on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment

      in fairness I’m no economist but if you assume that even a third of the sme’s currently C19 zombified don’t make it back alive after the Covid money taps are turned off it’s gonna be be some armageddon

      last thing I’d be doing right now is buying a gaff

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