Taking A Haircut



Lower Rathmines Rod, Rathmines, Dublin 6.


Via Amy O’Connor


Good times.

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31 thoughts on “Taking A Haircut

    1. Micko

      Yep. I know a salon owner in Dublin CC who has had to put her staff on PuP as she obviously can’t open.

      She still has to pay 6K a month to the landlord. For a premises that no longer does what advertised – ie. give her access to customers. The landlord won’t negotiate at all.

      If she closes that’ll be her 12 or so staff out of work

      12 more people who can’t pay their rent / mortgages, or afford things for their kids.

      All in this together mehole.

        1. Micko

          No. Nothing. She gets the pup herself, but no relief from the rent.

          The knock on effect of crippling small business is going to be massive.

      1. Dickydoo

        My pub has been closed etc as well
        When we were allowed to open during the summer we got no help and the employment wage subsidy was removed because due to half our staff no longer working for us because we had to lay them off
        They moved on and those that were left worked like dogs as a result of all the extra hours it exceeded the rules to get the subsidy

        Then when every thing was closed we got CRSS only gotten it to be removed because we decided opening up in December was suicide
        We were proved right but again help removed because we were right not opening

        As this is all going on we pay our rent
        Not all publicans are what government has vilified us as
        As for take away pints
        The supermarkets and off licences not only sell take away pints but litres of takeaway spirits wine and bubbly

        And we will open again in June or July hopefully at least getting part of the summer season

        1. Charger Salmons

          Feel for you Dickydoo.
          Wet-led pubs have been treated among the harshest in Europe.
          The notion of allowing only 15 people to drink outside whether the space was an entire beer garden or a patio awning was among the more stupid policies of a government who clearly had no idea what they were doing.
          Sadly I don’t think you’re going to get much joy till well into the summer.

  1. Ron

    The industry is now facing a mass exodus of qualified people who are now abandoning the profession for good as they are forced to now enter other employment to earn enough money to live.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    retail landscape will be a bleak one after all this is over – just one high street chain after another – unless there’s some state-mandated debt write-off scheme

      1. Brother Barnabas

        oh johnny, there you go again…

        it’s a debt issue because lots of these retailers havent paid rent, rates or utilities since last april. do we force them into bankruptcy? or do we write these debts off and allow them to start from scratch when they can begin trading again ?

        1. johnny

          ….as outlined above in (your words) a ..” state-mandated debt write-off scheme” for rent,rates and utilities”

          -so the state would make the private equity offshore landlords/vulture funds whole on rent or ‘force’ them to write off this rent/debt ?

          -is this a blanket scheme for retailers like say the gap/vickys secret too,which is on the verge BK?

          -so the state just pay the rents and the rates,oh and the utiities..thats your halfbaked scheme ?

          oh please,go get your crayons,

          1. Brother Barnabas

            crayons? like the ones you used for your, ahem, “columns”* ?

            (*before someone who actually knew what he was taking about came along and ripped you a new a-hole)

          2. Johnny

            How is debt forgiveness for large multi national retailers,people before profits,lost me again.
            The govt should prevent Clearys / Debs happening again to employees,provide assistance to staff with retraining,upskilling,etc but debt forgiveness – now-duh.
            What if and just humor me here,it was a revenue / sales issue ya know what with the shops bring closed and all…
            No really,just stop.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            happy to humour you, johnny – but you’ll first need to put your question into a coherent, actual sentence… something a 6 year old could do


  3. Kim the Cardassian

    Amazed that throughout the pandemic there was never a mention of landlords, particularly commercial landlords taking a hit

    Conflict of interest in the Dail anyone?

    1. Junkface

      It seems like really unfair demands from the landlord. Who is surprised this is happening in Ireland? Conflict of interest for sure. SME’s should get subsidized rent, or do they want to follow America’s lead on this? Crush everyone who is not a millionaire.

  4. TypeONegative

    Closed again all in this while wealthy together?
    Not landlord demand our landlord full rent full rent where’s our demamded for support?
    Months closed

  5. Shane O'Quinn

    And the alternative is what – put landlords on the PUP. They provide an essential service. The solution is imprison NPHET under the offences against the person act.

  6. Lilly

    The tenants are far from powerless here. If they leave, the landlord will be left with an empty unit for god knows how long. The tenant, on the other hand, will have their pick of vacant premises all over the city. Stop whining and negotiate!

    1. Cú Chulainn

      You’re not familiar with PGs, or having your company liquidated, your chances of ever raising funds/credit removed, your mortgage revoked… etc

      1. Lilly

        Don’t presume to know what I am – or am not – familiar with. You have no more of a clue of the details of this person’s business affairs than I have. Everything is negotiable, especially in this climate.

  7. curmudgeon

    Agree in principal, but the reality is maybe that the tenancy is a contract that they cant just walk out on.

    Still small & medium businesses are getting screwed by being forced closed, govt much prefers to line pockets of public sector workers instead.

    1. Lilly

      Yes, that’s possible Curmudgeon but I know plenty of people who have managed to negotiate with landlords so that both parties can get through this intact. It definitely isn’t one-way traffic and any landlord who makes a tenant feel they hold all the aces is a spoofer.

  8. Dedrick Whipple

    Can’t get a job because I can’t get an haircut and I’m high-risk because of my asthma. Great job America, you really screwed this one. Not surprising…

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