My Left Foot


Violet-Anne Wynne, Sinn Féin TD for Clare

That’ll learn him.

Probably not.

Violet Anne Wynne?

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24 thoughts on “My Left Foot

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      us prods or x – prods even, as the case may be, can love the republic and despise everything empire stands for as much as the next man you know,
      but yeah using religion to divide people will do when skin colour or some other boll*cks won’t serve

    1. Col

      It was on RTE radio one at lunchtime.
      He was asked to comment on the ad Sinn Fein took out in US papers calling for a referendum on United Ireland.
      He said that they are taking a one sided view and not considering unionist views and that this is hindering progress toward a United Ireland.

      1. Bitnboxy

        Leo is right though. There is no way a UI can work if a significant portion of unionists are not on board. Brexit has made certain middle class urban North Down unionists look at things differently but the point remains that they cannot be railroaded into a UI.

        Personally, I think if the island is to become one, it will be in a different form that perhaps has not yet been considered. Some form of confederation or some such but it won’t be the simple reunification that folks might think but I do see an end to Northern Ireland in the decades to come: what comes after is a very interesting debate.

        1. goldenbrown

          The United Federation of Ireland, Norn Iron and Scotland?

          now that kind of scale could work

        2. Diddy

          Sinn Fein would argue the status quo goes against the will of Irish nationalists in the north… if 52% of people vote for a UI it’s a majority unionists have to accept just as nationalists currently have to accept partition. And remember a large rump of unionists would never accept unification willingly .

      2. scottser

        he explicitly stated that sinn fein were a hindrance to a united ireland because they were sectarian in nature as evidenced by having no protestant tds or mlas.
        he might stand corrected, but he’s not withdrawing his comments i see.

  1. bdoyle

    i know a couple of SF members who others consider protestant. They are of the Anglican faith which is a catholic religion; just not the Roman Catholic religion. Thus neither Roman Catholics nor “real” Protestants consider them one of theirs

    1. Bitnboxy

      It’s depends. For CoI – most are low church – i.e. not Anglican Catholic. Anglican Catholicism, synonymous with high church worship (very similar to RC mass), is not as frequent in Ireland but such a communion does exist- St Barts Clyde Road is a high church Anglican Catholic congregation.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        The Queen of the England is the head of the Anglian church. They might call themselves catholic, they might want to be catholic but they are Prods (and going straight to hell, or at least they were before Vatican 2)

  2. Bitnboxy

    I’ve no doubt Mary Lou is watching this one and Violet likely to be advised that she has made her point and no more statements. Violet, if left to her own devices, would be liable to generate headlines unlike the above that Mary Lou may not be as keen on reading. Not a TD, the Shinners will want to put front and centre by any stretch, irrespective of her faith..

    I’ll bet she is not an adherent of a reformed church in the Anglican, Presbyterian or Methodist communions but that is beside the point.

    1. Bitnboxy

      This is exactly why Mary Lou will be watching Violet issuing statements whatever the content. She has all the potential to be a huge liability for the Shinner top-brass.

      1. Jake38

        The Shinners generally only let O Brion, Doherty and Mc Donnell speak. With good reason. The rest are brain dead window dressing.

  3. Chevy Chase

    Jesus he really is insufferable.

    “I was not aware of that. I stand corrected” – How the hell would you be aware of it? Why speak about it at all if you haven’t already done a mini FG census of the Shinners? He also seems to have misspelled “Sorry”

  4. Conksi

    it was a very bizarre and divisive move from SF. Getting Irish Americans on board on something that might can have huge impacts on peoples lives that live in other countries.
    Would have thoguht that effort would have been better used on engaging with those with skin in the game.
    Cant imagine the move softened anyones stance in NI

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