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Via Irish Times Letters:

The news that just 0.1 per cent of cases of Covid are traceable to outdoor activity is shocking The Government has closed parks, bathing spots, children’s sports training, golf, tennis, rowing, and even fishing which, by its very nature of casting a line with a hook on the end, tends to dictate social distancing.

This information has had to be available to those who make these decisions. It is truly shocking that people have been denied access to sports, social meetings and some forms of exercise. A reversal is not only important, it’s vital.

Irish Times Letters


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28 thoughts on “‘Avoid Their Slipstream’

  1. Commenter #1

    That letter to the paper would carry a lot more weight if that 0.1% stat was a little more credible. From the article to which it refers:

    “The HPSC data, provided in response to a query from The Irish Times, was based on “locations which are primarily associated with outdoor activities, ie outdoor sports and construction sites, or outbreaks that specifically mention in comments that an outdoor location or activity was involved”. The HSPC said, however, that it “cannot determine where transmission occurred”.”

    Cannot. Determine. Where. Transmission. Occurred.

    Oh well!

    1. Mr. T

      One would think that in cases where transmission location cannot be determined, it would apply to both indoor and outdoor transmissions.

      But yet outdoor transmissions are still a measly 0.1%

      In addition this is backed up by data from several countries worldwide in large studies. Stop bootlicking

    2. The Dude

      Interesting that positive news quickly turns negative, with doubt sowed – rather than building on certainties.

      Hence where NPHET could encourage safe activity by people who are not vulnerable, instead it all becomes more problems – with ‘related activities’ being cited, involving cars and changing rooms. Thus the diktat is to refrain from healthy activity, rather than providing positive protocols to resolve minor elements.

      Under Level 3 rules, 15 maximum is allowed attend a restaurant serving outdoors. Where is the evidence basis for this number? Why is space not being allocated per customer, rather than capped at 15?

      The HSPC data is in line with well-established international findings. The real question is not how transmission occurs – but why such useful knowledge is avoided by Irish media. Cui bono?

  2. Joe

    Transmission amongst outdoor construction workers…look at the non socially isolated groups of construction workers arriving packed like sardines in vans to the the e g. National Paediatric Hospital.. look at the lads packed together arriving at the GAA game. It’s not when people are in the open it’s all about getting there.
    “In the evening the builders congregate. There have been occasions when there would be 20 or 30 people standing here waiting for a lift home,” she says pointing right outside her house

  3. The Dude

    Well done to RTÉ for reporting what was known a year ago – that being outside is 18 times less risk to contracting the virus.

    In recent weeks hysterical media reports have encouraged more moral panic about people being in parks.

    Strange that the Irish media did not report the UK Sage finding in February that the supposedly crowded beaches last summer ‘have never been linked to Covid outbreaks’ and are considered safe.

    Why do we hear when there is further locking down in Europe – but seem to rarely when they open up?

    Why are there no reports on the lack of planning to allow businesses to open out as a first phase towards resumption of normal business?

    Where is the evidence basis that bans click and collect, or hairdressers from cutting hair in the outdoors?

    Why so little reportage on An Taoiseach being at an indoor gathering in Cork and telling others to remove masks? Odd how an outdoor gathering last year involving a political party in another state gets so much.

    This state is unnecessarily destroying Irish businesses while keeping citizens effectively in house arrest.

    Simultaneously the media are terrorising the people by causing unnecessary panic, resulting in many then engaging in more risky activity indoors so as to not get caught.

    East Germany was never so bleak.

    1. Junkface

      I think the covid 19 pandemic has shown us all just how unqualified our politicians are to make solid decisions. They are in a tizzy with charts and scientific data which they don’t understand how to sequence in order of importance or in order of safety. Like you said we’ve known its much safer outdoors for a year. The cold winter was the major problem to get through. We are almost through that now, summer is on the way, vaccination rates are improving. They should be opening all cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating. Sunlight contains UV that also kills the virus in the air. All outdoor sports are safe, especially for kids. Politicians are operating with a fear of making mistakes, more than giving people hope, realistic targets and a bit of bravery on their part. What happened at Christmas in Ireland was a massive mistake, so was only enforcing strict quarantine for international travelers a year late. Are they thinking at all?

      1. Micko

        I fear apathy has set in. Plus you’re right on the politicians fear of making mistakes. It’s a giant buttock covering exercise at this point.

        This thing suits too many people now as well.

        No more commute, happy at home, getting the €350 a week etc.

        Will be a struggle to get people back to normality.

        Maybe will never will.


        1. Oro

          If the tendrils of corporate work culture are relaxed going forward then at least there will have been some good collateral changes as a result of lockdown. You’re as negative as they come constantly wanting everyone to suffer or be forced to be in the worst circumstance possible. There’s an opportunity for some work situations to be re-negotiated now that people have seen how working from home can be functional. A lot changed with the tech developments over the last 30 years but nobody stopped to consider whether the traditional office style could change alongside. This has now happened.

          1. Micko

            The folks I’ve spoken to who are working from home are sick of it. Some do love it, but a lot are sick of it.

            Anecdotally, a few people have told me that they have to move their mouse or keyboard to show activity, or else they go red on the supervisors screen. (Some system their employers are using apparently. )

            Red is bad.

            They feel like they are constantly monitored. And there’s no nipping out of the office for a coffee with workmates. No dodging the boss on a Friday or dossing in the canteen.

            Constant work group fights on WhatsApp over stupid things. Things that could be resolved in an instant if you could see someone face to face.

            We’re social animals, it’s how we interact.

            Now it’s be at your desk and “have a green light” or risk getting in the poo at work.

            Again, only some people have said this kind of thing to me. Some mates think it’s the greatest thing in the world.

            I guess we’ll see.

          2. Oro

            Yes it works for some people and not others, and for some in moderation. There’s a flux, but it’s a worthy thing to explore, and if gives people more determination over how they spend their lives, which can only be a good thing.

            People are sociable sure but it doesn’t have to be in a forced atmosphere for over half of the waking hours of a week – with travel taking up another chunk of that. Total corporate entitlement.

          3. benblack

            Off topic, I know. However….

            What band did you play with Micko and what type of music did you play – back in the day(before and after smoking ban)?

            Guitar based, obviously, from your comments. Any youtube vids?

            Hopefully, curiosity won’t kill this cat.

          4. Micko

            Hey Ben,

            Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately, that would give away my Broadsheet “secret identity” :)

            Let’s just say that it was a reasonably successful but also a very modest musical career…

            But, I was very fortunate to have that leapfrog into a career in the music biz, and I’ve been very lucky enough to travel to many places both at home and abroad to work with many artists – big and small.

            Which is why the lockdown pees me off so much. The live events industry the first to shut down and we seems to have been given up on.

            Arts, music and culture forgotten about. No wonder I’m so negative eh Oro? ;)

  4. george

    0.1% of what? Of cases where the source has been identified? No.

    The risk of outdoor transmission is low but bullpoo statistics are bullpoo.

    1. Commenter #1

      “The risk of outdoor transmission is low but bullpoo statistics are bullshit.”


  5. Junkface

    Just from the jogging photo on top. I don’t understand why people do this regularly in cities.

    1. The concrete will compact the discs in the lower back of your spine if you only run on concrete. Wait until you hit 35 to 40. Impact compression can leave you with major back problems. (This was a warning from a Physio)

    2. Deep breathing happens when you jog and get increasingly tired/exercised, the last thing you want to inhale is traffic fumes containing Benzine and other toxic particles from people’s broken or removed catalytic converters, diesel trucks etc..

    3. There are so many parks to run in, containing softer ground or grass and trees that create oxygen. Run in the park.

    1. Johnny

      ….if you’ve spend the last few months like I have intensely exercising, then it’s the shorty shorts and the sidewalk,hell yeah:)

        1. Johnny

          Uphill sometimes,I don’t drink nor am I overly social COVID or otherwise,just Bridget (Brid) my irish setter and myself running trails,occasional we exceed 3.
          Took up rock climbing / bouldering this winter,indoor gym yes,yes open,close by so that’s been great for the guns and the buns:)
          How’s motherhood?

    2. Janet, chatty mammy

      if you run with bad form on any surface you are gonna get hurt,
      people think all you need are runners then proceed to buy the wrong ones, train too much too soon and with an incorrect gait, that’s when you get injured,
      rant over

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