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Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One.


Listen to the music.

She’s evil!

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64 thoughts on “Priming Time

  1. Broadbag

    ”I was using my own logic and intellect…” well that’s clearly where the problem lies, scientists and health professionals around the world have it all wrong but this hairdresser has figured it all out – because people aren’t dropping dead outside her door there’s nothing to worry about at all…seems plausible.

    1. eoin

      Which scientists and health professionals are you referring to? There are two opposing camps now….but we only get to hear from one of them. Even a ‘hairdresser’ has had the brains and curiosity to figure that out. Which is more than I can say for some.

      1. Joe

        “Two opposing camps now” ? They are not of equal measure! You cannot give equality to science and conspiraloon non- science or nonsense.

        One camp is based on legitimate scientific research that through public health measures like social distancing, mask wearing etc has greatly reduced deaths and through pure science has led to a superb range of vaccines that are beating the virus.

        The other camp are a brainwashed mindless bunch of conspiraloons who in their wilful ignorance are happy to deny the existence of corona virus. If their unscientific nonsense was followed the entire world would be worse than what India is experiencing. Jean Murray’s beliefs are as relevant as believing in a Flat Earth, denying man made Climate change and worse, if followed by society would result in horrendous deaths.

        1. scottser

          scientific research is profit-driven, joe – holding scientific endeavour up to be inscrutable and declaring it should be without criticism of its motives is a bit naive.

        2. Cui Bono?

          You haven’t a clue Joe and Broadbag.

          You’re just parroting the propaganda and one liners you heard on TV.

          Trying to conflate BS like Flat Earth with experts like Prof. John Ionanids, Sunetra Gupta, John Lee, Carl Hennegan, Mike Yeadon etc. is just lazy and ignorant.

          There are 1000s of scientists and doctors who would love to debate on RTE live but they won’t allow it.

          There’s over 50,000 medical practitioners & public health scientists that have signed the Great Barrington Declaration for god sake but you probably won’t look at that because a troll wrote Dr Bananas on it once.

          You are the epitome of ignorance.

          1. Fergalito

            That type of comment is typical of the every-day, circular hoo-hah that passes for insight and analysis on this topic on a daily basis. Snarky template top-pocket derisive insults retained for deployment as soon as any sort of counter-view to that expressed by yourself is trotted out. It serves no purpose. It informs no-one. It reflects nothing only the abyss from which the half-formed, lazy thought struggles to emerge though rendered unable to properly do so as it is dragged back howling towards the dark-matter of cantankerousness and self-righteousness from whence it came. So you’re the expert then, is that it and we should tune into your channel solely? You’re the epitome of rational reasoned thought and “no-one’s pulling the wool over my eyes” nous? Your view is the enlightened one and anyone else who holds a different one is a … ?

            Surely Broadbag has a point? What’s the issue in putting more weight on the opinions of the scientific and medical community over that expressed by someone who denies the existence of C19 at all?

            Isn’t it also evident that there are at least two “camps” – just popping in here of a day is evidence of that. What do you mean by parroting propaganda and one-liners? Is it propaganda because you say it is and that’s that? Don’t know about anyone else, but a well constructed one-liner can devastate as mightily as any tome. I’ve heard counter-views to accepted narrative plenty of times on the airwaves and elsewhere.

            What would the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration make of someone denying the existence of C19 do you think?

            P1ss and vinegar.

        3. Termagant

          Do you often peruse peer-reviewed medical research journals, Joe? Or is your blind obeisance to a brand of science conveyed to you by one of your mates, who heard it from a lad on reddit, who got it from a quick browse of IFLS, which sourced the story to some guy’s podcast

        4. K. Cavan

          Clearly, Joe, you are only paying attention to one side of this debate. To call the emminent scientists, including the man regarded as the world’s greatest Virologist, “conspiraloons” is just ignorant, to declare that all those who oppose the junk science approach of the Covid Cult are simply “Covid Deniers” is a stupendously stupid Strawman argument. You appear to dislike complexity, maybe you’d prefer a simple binary choice between going along with every insanity imposed by idiot politicians or denying the existence of Sars02, sorry but that’s not how it is, it’s far more complex, out here in the Real World.

  2. Kdoc

    To her credit, she was brave to air her views. The main point she was ‘getting across’ was she knew better. Jean and her allies believe they have the inside track from all their social media research.

    1. newsjustin


      Just as with climate change deniers, they have convinced themselves that their own personal life experience, education, intellect and “instincts” refute the weight of science and evidence produced by thousands of individual scientists, doctors, and other professionals.

      She is wrong. There is a deadly virus, it does exist.

      CB was right to highlight her claims as utter BS.

      1. Micko

        I don’t this the lady in question ever said that the virus doesn’t exist Justin.

        Just that it’s not as deadly as the media are portraying it as.

        Something the WHO have confirmed with their report last year. A fatality rate of 0.23%

        Clearly a lot of what she was saying after that was total BS – but surely we can all agree on that? The IFR of 0.23% – yes?

        1. newsjustin

          58 seconds into the link she shared herself –

          “I never really believed, to be honest with you, that there was a deadly virus.”

          As I said, she is wrong to claim there isn’t a deadly virus. It exists.

          1. Micko

            Yes, then at 1:50 she says the virus does exist and that she thinks that we’ve overreacted basically. Even CB prompts her to say this and to state her position more coherently.

            Anyway. 0.23% IFR – agree or disagree?

      2. K. Cavan

        If you’re hearing the evidence of “thousands of individual scientists, etc” & they’re all saying the same thing, that’s not Science, that’s a Narrative, an Agenda, brought to you by a corrupt, financially desperate media. Science is based on dispute, falsification, proof. Sars02 is a Coronavirus, a Common Cold, it’s Novel, so it’s had about the same impact as you might expect from a Novel Influenza virus, which we get every year. Many viruses are killers but there’s no scientific evidence to support Lockdowns, etc, for Sars02, that’s just the excuse.

  3. frank

    A really good and conclusive counterpoint to ‘Crazy Jeans’ ill informed ‘fake news’ would have been a behind the scenes look at our frontline hospitals Covid wards bursting at the seams with critically ill victims of the deadly pandemic. Instead we got smug doctor Smugface telling us how he’s never worked so hard in his life while smiling insincerely.
    If you’re still buying this nonsense you’re far crazier that Jean could ever hope to be.

      1. frank

        It’s a cold. Get it and get over it.
        If you’re 70+ or enfeebled in some way mind yourself.
        The ‘tsunami’ of death never arrived. The sky is blue and still above our heads.
        Carry on Chicken Licken.

        1. Kdoc

          No Frank, it’s not a cold, nor is it the flu. Both my son and his wife, who live in Sunnyvale, California, contracted the virus. She didn’t suffer quite as bad as he did. Like the rest of us, he has often had colds and flus and would typically recover in 3 – 4 days. With Covid he was seriously ill for over 5 weeks and on the verge of being hospitalised as he struggled for breath. He was treated with steroids and at one point he was issued with an epi pen. Thankfully he has almost fully recovered. It’s worth noting that he is a big strong lad who trains 3 times a week at martial arts and goes for long cycles at weekends. You really shouldn’t dismiss it as a cold.

          1. Cui Bono?

            It’s crazy how it affects different people.

            I know of many confirmed cases, and all were fine, even those in their 70s.

            I know 8 people in their 70s who had it.

            4 or 5 days of a bad fever, headache, loss of smell and appetite. A bad fever for sure but not one of them were in danger of hospitalisation or death. All fully recovered after 10 days max.

            The average IFR is only 0.23% and 0.05% for under 70s. Most people (80%) don’t even know they had it.

            This is not Ebola.

          2. K. Cavan

            It’s a Common Cold virus, Kdoc, that’s a fact, whether you deny it or not. Anecdotes, no matter how underwhelming, are no substitute for facts. Your Son was part of the unlucky 20% who actually had symptoms (not having symptoms appears to be the most common symptom) but like over 94% of Irish “cases” he wasn’t even hospitalised. Of those who, tragically, lost their lives in Ireland, the majority, around 70%, were never even put in Critical Care, only 0.6% of “cases” were actually sent to ICU, that’s a good indicator of how few healthy people were made seriously ill from Covid. Either Irish doctors allowed people to die or that 70% of victims were so weakened, by age or Chronic illness, that there was no point providing anything but Palliative Care. You’ve stretched the definition of a “killer virus” well beyond the bounds of credibility but that’s understandable, you need to believe in it & no amount of facts will make you face up to the reality that your life, as you’ve known it, is over. This is not just a Pandemic, it’s a Pandemic being used to introduce Regime Change, root & branch reorganisation of society & the economy, designed to benefit none but a tiny minority. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  4. Micko

    The only thing I took away from that last night, is that RTE must be pretty worried to have someone like that on (especially prerecorded)

    There’s plenty of anti lockdown / anti restrictions proponents they could have had on and (like them or hate them) they would have presented a much more coherent argument against it.

    Drag the bewildered, uninformed and unprepared out into the spotlight and laugh at them.

    How very X-Factor of you RTE. Simon Cowell would be proud.

    1. Kdoc

      According to CB other conspiracy theorists were invited but Jean Murray was the only one to accept.

      1. Micko

        But not live in studio.

        Prerecorded and edited. Why?

        Then followed by two experts to figuratively laugh and snigger at her.

        I think most of what she said was absolute rubbish, but regardless of the lady’s opinions being incorrect or not, there is something very wrong here.

        Very wrong indeed.

        We’re supposed to be better than this.

        1. Cui Bono?

          Agreed, there are 1000s of qualified scientists and doctors that would love the opportunity of a live debate on RTE.

        2. Kdoc

          These people are on our streets protesting on a regular basis; some of the protests turned violent. It’s long past time they were put under some serious public scrutiny.
          I looked through some of Jean’s social media posts and it appears a family member passed away with/from Covid, which she doesn’t accept. Instead she believes the lady died from a bleed on the brain as a a result of a pcr test. This is what’s confronting the public – a hairdresser who imagines she knows as much as a brain surgeon.

  5. PointofOrder

    At what point is Claire Byrne going to say ‘Stop’! When will she be too embarrassed to do any more ridiculous ‘mock ups’ in the studio…& as for the use of props! It’s beyond ridiculous now. We don’t have a decent political show anymore. The Tonight Show was ok with Ivan Yates (when he toned down the bluster a bit), but the current presenters on it are fairly drab. Bring back Today Tonight.

  6. Ro

    I didn’t know there were so tinfoil hat people on broadsheet! I was in a taxi recently and the driver had figured out who shot JFK using facebook, very impressive and one in the eye for the boffins

    1. Boj

      Tis good to question things and be very cynical and suspicious of the human race.
      We all know what humans are like dont we?

      1. ro

        I am very cynical which is why I don’t believe the kind of crackpot theories that you would see on social media. I don’t trust the govt or media sources like RTE to give me the full and honest story but I also don’t trust some bozo on facebook who shared a news story that was started by a Russian bot earlier in the day.
        Most of these people are what the KGB used to call “useful idiots”, they pick up a false story and do the heavy lifting spreading that story all around the world on their behalf. To be honest these crackpots who follow the likes of Gemma O’ Doherty really bug me because they are making it easy for govt supporters to belittle anything that is outside of their narrative as a conspiracy theory.

    2. K. Cavan

      Was the taximan wearing a tinfoil hat? Were you wearing a mask? Sounds like you were both in the same boat. Anyway, who shot JFK using Facebook?

  7. CJ

    The main stream meeja are woke now to misinformation, ironic since they are regularly at it themselves.

  8. Bitnboxy

    If ever there were a thread to evidence the decline of BS and the types this site now deliberately wants to attract, this is bloody or bodgy well it.

  9. Madam x

    Jelly fish have survived for 500 million years despite having no brains. I’m living in hope that this lady will survive to find some in her Facebook medical journal

  10. K. Cavan

    Not having seen Clare Byrne in action, I really enjoyed that clip, it was hugely revealing. She gave the Covid Cult Faithful advance warning of the danger of what they were about to hear, signalling that their normal trust in what the telly tells them must be temporarily set aside, while they endured the Hairdresser’s Heresy. This is Real Faith in action, Genuine, Heartfelt, Steadfast & Abiding, all the facts & science on the planet won’t shift such conviction. However, since Covid Cultists are deeply, even proudly ignorant of the Science & unfamiliar with the facts, surely a requirement for blind Faith of any kind, their petty demands, seen even here on Broadsheet, that no questioning of the narrative be allowed, are entirely noxious, clearly spring from puerile self-obsession & are entirely authoritarian in nature. The Orthodoxy of the Faithful is obviously a holy thing, even questioning it is a heretical act, of itself. Is it worth noting that there is a smorgasbord of eminent scientists who know about the lies being disseminated but RTE choose roasted hairdresser as their main course? Could anyone tell me, is that show more of a light entertainment thing or is it regarded as a serious, political programme? Is there something less lowbrow on offer from the state broadcaster or is that their flagship “current affairs” offering? Asking for a friend…

    1. Nigel

      The diverging ratios of elaborate-prose-denouncing-my-enemies to actual-substance is growing ever comically wider.

      1. K. Cavan

        Oooh, saucer of milk for Nigel. Your excessive hyphenation defines how far from elaborate prose you were raised, yourself, so your envious disapproval of literacy is unsurprising, perhaps your PO should’ve chosen a superior St Paul? Nevertheless, to waste everyone’s time by authoring such a piffling, pathetic comment, criticising my prose, decrying a lack of “substance” in my response to a short excerpt of fact-free TV, that’s nowt but fatuous nonsense & I’m sad for you, if amused by your brass neck. To infer that I regard those I might disagree with as “enemies” reveals far too much about your own mindset. Now look, you’ve dragged me down to your level, that of the unskilled debater, who’s use of logical fallacies consigned them to eternal defeat. Clearly, I’ve followed you in the direction of Ad Hominem but I was at a loss as to how else I could respond to such a steaming pool of urine. Coronaviruses are lipid-encapsulated, single-strand, positive sense, RNA viruses, lest you further accuse me of lacking substance in my comments, not that you have any idea of the veracity of that statement. Cut the crap, Nigel, you already know what time it is.

          1. Bitnboxy

            Lol. @Nigel a wise move. Life is simply too short to indulge nincompoops who have oiled up their flimflam machine to warp speed, replete with excessive capitalisation, superlatives as far as the eye can see and unwavering faith in their own pomposity. I will confess to a quick scan of K. Cavan’s dirge.


          2. Tony

            No offence K but I imagined a powdered, kerchief waving 18th century dandy delivering that speech!

        1. Kdoc

          K, the point of that segment on CB was to question a conspiracy theorist, not any eminent medical scientist. Jean is a prominent anti vaxxer (and anti 5g etc.) and has been at the forefront of several marches and demonstrations on our streets and it was entirely proper that a light be shone on what drives her, and others like her. What you call ‘the lipid-encapsulated, single-strand, positive sense, RNA virus’ is making many people very ill and killing others.

          1. K. Cavan

            The Median Age of Covid victims in Ireland is 83, our Life Expectancy is 81.5. Of those who produced positive PCR tests, 5.7% of them ended up hospitalised. There’s currently about 183 in Irish hospitals, listed as Covid-19, but we’re destroying the Economy, putting children in masks, forcing people to have experimental jabs under threat of loss of Human Rights, worse, we’ve instilled Fear into millions of people’s very soul, created oncoming tsunamis of death, through Cancer, Heart Disease, Mental Illness. Sure, Sars02 is killing people & making others ill but our Government’s response is going to bring far more punishment down on this country than Sars02 did.

          2. Kdoc

            K. Cavan, You agree that 80% of Covid cases show mild or no symptoms; 15% have serious infections requiring oxygen (but not necessarily hospitalisation) and 5% require ventilation. That’s 20 percent of cases who become seriously ill and some will die while others may face long-term consequences. Twenty percent of the Covid cases population is not a statistically insignificant number.
            You mentioned we are facing regime change and we have no idea what’s coming down the track, can you elaborate on that? Your literary flourishes suggest to me that you are in a position where you are receiving some inside information that’s coming from the top table – can you spill a little?

  11. Tarfton Clax

    Finbarr, I clicked on that link in good faith. If you’ve messed up my Black Metal and Anatolian Psychedelia based algorithms on you tube I will be most displeased.

  12. Steph Pinker

    Claire Byrne isn’t alone in fairness, Miriam O’Callaghan, Cormac O’ Hara, Brian Dobson, Sarah McInerney, David McCullough and husky Sharon are all party whipped broadcasters; the only two who are on the fence and are permitted to show a chink of light these days are Dr Gavan Ph. Dxyzzzzz from Galway and Mary Wilson from the 2nd original Drivetime aka Mourning Ireland.

    1. Micko

      Did ya see Sarah McInerney handing Donnelly his bum bum on Primetime last night?

      Very enjoyable. ;)

      “For the times they are a-changin'”

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