‘Safely Returned’


Last night.

Pat Sweeney’s children were returned to their mother following outcry over their removal from their father’s home by An Garda Síochána at 3.30am on Saturday. It is understood the children were the subject of a court order to be returned to their mother, who lives in France.

Mr Sweeney had last month filmed officers removing parishioners from a local church. He is shown at top (video) in Longford Garda Station.

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127 thoughts on “‘Safely Returned’

  1. Col

    This seems very bizarre. I’m sure there’s plenty of backstory, and hopefully a clear picture will emerge. But it’s hard to understand how you can justify taking the kids from their beds at 3.30am? It must have been traumatising for them.

    1. ian-oG

      I’ve seen a few things about this but not one single narrative as to what happened from A to B.

      Surely the Gardai should have a very clear reason to be doing this, I doubt I would share political beliefs with this chap but due process etc.?

      If anyone can give a clear indication as to what happened and why it would be very helpful to understand what I am reading about here?

      1. goldenbrown

        hm. same here, I see plenty of islands of story but as yet nobody seems to have tied it all together into something coherent. I do doubt there’s “nothing to see here” but presently I have difficulty seeing what’s afoot exactly….

        we know what underhanded grey activities the Gardai are potentially capable of (it’s been plenty evident in recent years) but so far tis all a bit wood for the trees to me anyway

        hopefully someone will apply their journalism skills and develop the story so we can understand

        1. John Williams

          This story is more to do with the unfortunate children, the church is a smokescreen.
          We are starting at page 50, lots of water under the bridge.
          Where do the children want to reside.

          1. Dell

            I read somewhere that when asked by the courts, they were happy to go home to their mother . This whole thing has been manipulated by the father and a bunch of far right cheerleaders, an emperor and his biggest fan. It’s disgusting.

  2. Cryola

    Really Broadsheet?!?!
    This is bottom of barrell content.
    Whatever the actual story, with a few different sides to it, this shouldnt be content with advertising.
    Not good.

    1. Inevitable


      Let’s not mention insane state overreach or Stasi-like tactics and go back to things that look like things.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Go live in an actual police state and then come back to me with this Stasi bollocks you’re so fond of spouting off.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        When was it ever “insane state overreach” to remove children from their kidnapper and return them to their mother who had custody?

        The only “insane” thing is the comments made by people who believed the bullpoo of the Nazional Party.

        1. Inevitable

          Is Daisy dizzy because she spins or is Daisy spinning because she is dizzy?


        2. Zak Martin

          We don’t know that these children were ” removed from their kidnapper and returned to their mother”. The only “evidence” we have for this is that various media outlets are saying that “it is believed that” the children were subject to a Court order. It might be true. And then again it might not be true. But what we do know to be true is that the Gardaí forced their way into a man’s home at 3.30am in a Gestapo-type raid and removed his children. Were these tactics necessary or justified? If they were I’d like to hear that justification. Even if, as “it is believed”, the children’s mother had been given custody, this in itself would hardly justify a traumatic middle-of-the-night raid. Nor would it explain why the Gardaí who conducted this raid didn’t simply state their justification, instead of giving several different explanations. But above all what I’d like to know is why there was no mention of this incident in any of the main Irish media outlets yesterday – including RTE, the Irish Times, The Independent and others, despite the fact that almost everyone in the country had heard about it via social media. Whatever the ins and outs of it turn out to be, it was and is a major story, but it is a story that the mainstream Irish media seem strangely reluctant to investigate and report.

    2. Hank

      Exactly Cryola. Have we really reached the point where the gardai can’t even turn up at someone’s house at 3am and remove their children?? It’s political correctness gone mad..

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      Shilling for Litter and an Pairtí Nazí now.

      Just when you think BS can’t get any lower, they dig just a bit deeper into the quagmire.

      1. Micko

        Regardless of anyone’s political leanings, do you think it’s ok to remove someone’s children from them at 3am?

          1. Johnny

            Hypothetically……how that relevant here?
            In your opinion is that why they were rescued ?

          2. Micko

            See below.

            I think the kids were taken because the courts mandated it. This is fine.

            I think the Guards chose the time as payback. Not fine.

            And Justin what’s his face (Mr Nazi) is now seen in a brilliant light by people all around the country.

            Brilliant job guards. Just brilliant. Talk about an own goal ffs

        1. J9

          This appears to be a family law matter and nothing to do with anyone’s political leanings See Frilly’s post below.

        2. Micko

          Why not do it during the day?

          Why 3am? He wasn’t arrested for endangering the children, so there was no risk of that. It was section 12 he and they were detained on.

          So why not do it during the day? If the welfare of the children is the most important thing – why 3am?

          While the removal of his children may have been completely legitimate, I suspect the choice of time to do it was very much a punishment for his past transgressions.

          1. J9

            Micko … You or I don’t know why they went in at the time they did. The removal of the kids was legitimate. That much has been established. It’s quite clear you are insisting on insinuating it happened when it did because your man had previously filmed the gardai in church, which is the same narrative that the nazional party are pushing. You are indeed trying to deflect here.

          2. Micko

            Again. What does “deflect” mean?

            I’m just stating my opinion chief.

            3am seems insane to me and not very good for the kids.

        3. Daisy Chainsaw

          Of course! Remove them at 3am to prevent a tragedy at 4am – Not saying that it’s what could have happened in this situation but the children’s welfare has to be paramount, not the parent’s hurt feelings.

          Do you deep down, honestly believe these children were removed because the da filmed gardai the week before?

          1. Micko


            See above. I think the choice of time was to do with the previous filming.

            He wasn’t arrested for endangering the children. So why 3am? There was no danger to the kids at 4am.

            I think we can all agree that this guy isn’t really all there, but 3am seems unnecessary and vindictive.

            And all it’s really done is to promote the National Party – so yeah…great stuff…

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            How do you know there was no danger to the kids? Pat Sweeney lost custody of them and had effectively kidnapped them from their mother. If she rang the gardai and/or Tusla at that hour of the night she, their mother, must have feared for their safety. I’d rather what some considered an OTT response at 3am than a Sanjeev Chadha or Alan Hawe situation.

          3. Micko

            “How do you know there was no danger to the kids?”

            Well of course I don’t – no one does.

            But then why wasn’t he arrested at the scene for endangering the children. He was detained under section 12 – mental health. Not child endangerment.

            They could have done it during the day and none of us would be talking about it and tons of people wouldn’t even know who the Nazi (sorry… National) party are.

            Now they do. Total effin muppets.

          4. millie bobby brownie

            How would you feel if it was your children though Mick? Would you prefer that the Gardaí acted as soon as they’re given the go ahead or wait until a ‘reasonable hour’ to return them to you?

            I know I’d want them back immediately, curtain twichers be damned.

            I would also add that we have seen more than enough stories in this country where children have been the victim of a parent with ‘mental health issues’. It is only the most serious of cases which result in a child being removed for this reason and usually to circumvent serious harm or damage to the child.

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            He’d have recorded it during the day too and the same fash grifters would have latched on to it, twisting the narrative.

            The only people who knew of the danger were the boys’ mother and the gardai.

          6. Micko

            I get what you’re saying Millie. But look at what he was taken in for.

            Mental health issues. Not endangering the kids. And he was signed off by a doc a while later.

            Plus the kids were with him in the video he filmed in the church. So they’ve been around him for a while.

            Absolute own goal by the Guards and don’t be surprised when the next National rally has a huge uptake in numbers. Look at the gofundme for Christ’s sake.

            The guards have to follow the letter of the law when dealing with these head cases. A 3am call is too easy for them to twist into gaining more followers

            We need to be smarter.

          7. Nigel

            ‘A 3am call is too easy for them to twist into gaining more followers’

            Its twistability should not enter into considerations of the children’s safety and welfare, assuming no evidence of Garda malfeasance emerges. Framing this as a tactical blunder on the part of the Guards tacitly puts concerns about the opportunism of the grifters ahead of the welfare of the children.

          8. Micko

            If the children were in immediate danger why wasn’t he arrested?

            If they suspected him of suffering from mental health issues – how’s HIS mental health going to be helped by a 3am call? Duty of care and all that.

            None of the 3am call makes sense. Everything else is fine.

            Look, he’s obviously a crackpot, no arguing that – but the guards need to play this stuff smarter.

            GoFundMe is a 13k now. So yeah… lots of new National Party fans.

          9. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Stop blaming the Gardai for platforming The National Party and generating fans for them and helping to add donations to Mrs Barrett’s fundraiser Account

            It was the Dad that shared the video of the Gardai arriving in his home
            Broadsheet shared it
            And Ivor the Emperor kept adding to the same thread, by replying to posts with Philip Dwyer’s solo video as an attachment

            As for the 3am arrival at the Dad’s house – for all you know they may have only gotten the instruction a few hours before

            You are – throughout this thread trying to deflect

            Far too many people who should have known better, only for their anti lockdown bias and cynical motivation, to get the better of them
            Flogged that man’s video and those from the Garda Station featuring known National Party Members
            under the title of him being targeted cause he was at that Mass in Athlone
            Hashtag PoliceState and all the rest of them

            And that’s a fact

            Well done lads
            The f’ing National Party

            Do not try and let on or suggest the vast majority of Irish People will ever confuse Justin Barrett (real name Slevin btw) as a Man of the People

            Cheezuz t’night lads
            Ivor the Emperor sent more people into the NP orbits orbots and accounts than AGS+ Tusla+NPHET+whatever you’re having yourself combined, *19

          10. Micko

            “ for all you know they may have only gotten the instruction a few hours before”

            And they couldn’t have waited a few hours more until 7 or 8am? Better for his and his children’s mental health I would think.

            Or even when the instruction was given earlier maybe?

            Look, we’re going around in circles here. I don’t think it’s ok for the guards to call to anyone at 3 fupping am – unless there is someone in immediate danger or the timing is part of an operation.

            And, from what we can see – there wasn’t.

            You obviously do think it’s fine.

          11. Daisy Chainsaw

            Of course it’s fine. The children have been taken from their abductor and returned to their mother. The 3am call was to make sure they could be rescued without harm coming to the children or the gardai.

          12. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Point is
            You don’t know
            Nor does anyone else
            Why they went in at 3am

            And plenty people have already gone into this story
            Boots first
            Without knowing the facts or the truth
            Or with deliberate intention to exploit for their own Agendas

            All to familiar with the carry on outside Leinster House with the NP, their Nooses, Johnny Connors
            With very similar commentry about Minister Roderic O’Gorman being repeated over the last few days

            The f’ing National Party
            So stop deflectng Micko
            It’s gone from insulting now to repulsive

            That poor man Pat Sweeney – being exploited like this
            And for what …. To try an convince us this is a Police State? To get more likes and followers? To Scrounge the price of a Ford Focus? Covid 19 is a scam?

          13. Micko

            So what you’re saying is Daisy.

            Someone can abduct children in Ireland, not be arrested – just detained and then walk free after a little chat with a doctor?

            Really? Ok cool. Seems weird.

          14. Daisy Chainsaw

            Keep clinging to the pro ratlicker & fash narrative Micko, there’s a good dupe.

          15. Micko

            “ You don’t know
            Nor does anyone else
            Why they went in at 3am”

            No worries there V

            Daisy has provided the solution above.

            “ The 3am call was to make sure they could be rescued without harm coming to the children or the gardai.”

            So Daisy knows why they went in at 3am. Phew – Glad that’s sorted.

            Look guys, I don’t like the guys politics anymore than the next guy. But, we can’t be making excuses why it’s ok to enter someone’s home at 3am just because we don’t like theor political leanings.


            Anyway, I just saw a tasty rat outside the house. I’m off to have a lick. ;)

          16. Daisy Chainsaw

            Makes more sense, Micko, than believing the gardai went in at 3am cos he videoed them the week before!

          17. Nigel

            ‘If the children were in immediate danger why wasn’t he arrested?’

            We don’t know why they went in at that time, we only know the purpose was to remove the kids, so this seems like a leading question that can’t be answered without more information.

  3. Optimus Grime

    No fan on this man’s politics but the optics of the situation were not good. No one single narrative seems to exist or be coherent but the timelines and some of the evidence stated don’t sync up. Last week films the Gardai in the church and then this week has his kids lifted at 3am off the back of alleged phone call. I’ve done child protection courses through various sporting bodies and complaints are not handled in what you would call an expedient manner. Has to be more background to this

      1. zvone

        I have to admit, at first sight I was on Father side. How Garda can take children from father at 3a.m , dropping in the house like a bunch of criminals!?
        After I read this, this is just family problem, he lost custody and now he pushing case in political level, accusing Garda, government, everybody. This is pure manipulations of public, and non of this is for children’s benefit. Garda definitively just done they job. He probably know from beginning why all this happening and misleading everybody hiding that he lost custody, shame on him.

  4. Lilly

    I seriously doubt this man’s children were removed and returned to their mother because he filmed Gardai kicking people out of mass in Longford.

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Same here Lil

      Also – and it was hosted here afaik, that Gardai said they weren’t taken any further action against anyone at that Athlone church

      I’m also taking on board the statement above
      …children were RETURNED to their mother
      Emphasis mine btw

      Everything I see points to a Family Law matter
      And not the pernicious targeting of an anti-lockdown activist who got in AGS’ face

      Do I need to remind anyone here of another Family Law matter when hardcore Catholic Campaigners interfered?
      If so, Google Míne Bean Uí Chribín + Roscommon Incest Case

      Seriously lads
      Can we all leave this family sort themselves out without turning it into a circus of one-upmanship

      1. Johnny

        imagine typing this….taking a second look…then deciding yep got it.

        Niall McCall @NiallAlbert94
        “Pat Sweeney’s children have been safely returned to their mother tonight.”

        he’s not speaking on behalf the children.

        the mother ?

        he’s a nasty piece work,one sick puppy.

      2. Micko

        The Guards have made a complete mess of this

        They should have done this at a normal hour and no one would be talking about it. But 3am – that’s a story!

        Now thousands of people around Ireland now know who that Justin muppet from the National party is and think he’s a “man of the people”

        Bualadh bos Gardai

        1. J9

          I suspect that may have happened regardless of the time they went to the house. I do wonder why they went in the middle of this night, perhaps there was a valid reason – I don’t think it was because of him recording them in the church.

          1. Micko

            The guards know who these National facists are and they have to stick to the letter of the law when dealing with them.

            Any misstep outside of the law (of any size) will just be seen as an overreach of the guards and publicised by these dopes as such.

            The guards need to be policing these guys absolutely perfectly, as any slip up will be exaggerated and used to rally more people to the National party’s cause.

            Not very smart guards.

          2. Nigel

            But this wasn’t about the National Party, this was about the children. You may want the Guards to put political concerns ahead of the welfare and safety of children, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

            Conversely this remains true if it turns out the timing of the raid was some sort of punishment for his political leanings – but you can’t have it both ways. If the raid was politically motivated, it was bad. If they allowed political concerns about how the NP woulld twist things to determine the timing the of the raid, that would also be bad.

          3. f_lawless

            Quoting from the court judgement.
            “It is important to ensure a smooth and calm transition of the children from their current place of residence with PS into the custody and care of CT for the purposes of returning to France.”

            The gardai showed little concern for the children’s welfare in that regard, raiding the house at 3 in the morning. I saw one piece of footage were there’s a glimpse of a young child walking past in their pyjamas looking bewildered.

            The mental health grounds under which they took the man from his home and detained him were clearly spurious as he was soon after let go

          4. Nigel

            And, what, you think they decided to bewilder some children in their pyjamas for the craic?

        2. Johnny

          Taken yeah Micko the children were rescued by the appropriate authorities under court order and returned safe and unharmed to their mother.
          The father should face the full legal consequences of his actions and yeah payback is good for the mother’s mortal,hope they kicked his door in.

      3. Mary

        The children are the victims in this entire situation and more than likely will be traumatized. The police should not be involved in tho unless they are trained in childcare and welfare. Taking children out off their beds in the middle of the night will more than likely affect them for the rest of their lives.
        Both parents would be better coming to a compromise that put the kids 1st and their egos second.

  5. Kdoc

    According to some social media posts Pat and his wife/partner are not together. McCall’s tweet states the children were returned to their mother, not to Pat. If true, it’s inaccurate to state that the children were returned to Pat. On the face of it, the Garda action, and the time they acted, appears heavy handed, but they may have their reasons.

  6. J9

    Meanwhile the Rebecca Barrett of the Nazional Party has sent up a go fund me on his behalf which has raised over 13k … “The company you keep is a reflection of who you are … “

    1. Optimus Grime

      Of which I would say Pat will see none. These people capitalise on this to make money

    2. Bitnboxy

      And we had GiggidyGoo yesterday quoting a far-right twitter troll account to try whip up some traction for the National Party based on this.

      And as it transpired, like most of these complex cases, there was far more than meets the eye.

  7. scottser

    so here are the relevant statutes:
    12.—(1) Where a member of the Garda Síochána has reasonable grounds for believing that a person is suffering from a mental disorder and that because of the mental disorder there is a serious likelihood of the person causing immediate and serious harm to himself or herself or to other persons, the member may either alone or with any other members of the Garda Síochána—

    (a) take the person into custody, and

    (b) enter if need be by force any dwelling or other premises or any place if he or she has reasonable grounds for believing that the person is to be found there.


    12.—(1) Where a member of the Garda Síochána has reasonable grounds for believing that—

    (a) there is an immediate and serious risk to the health or welfare of a child, and

    (b) it would not be sufficient for the protection of the child from such immediate and serious risk to await the making of an application for an emergency care order by a health board under section 13 ,

    the member, accompanied by such other persons as may be necessary, may, without warrant, enter (if need be by force) any house or other place (including any building or part of a building, tent, caravan or other temporary or moveable structure, vehicle, vessel, aircraft or hovercraft) and remove the child to safety.

    the gardai will have a hard time proving the need for the application of either of those acts on the evidence above. but, as everyone points out, there may be more to this than meets the eye.

    1. f_lawless

      Here’s footage from a couple of days ago of the man’s solicitor at the front desk of the local garda station


      Solicitor: “If the children were taken illegally..”
      Garda: “They weren’t taken illegally, they were taken by an organisation called TUSLA”.

      (Garda walks off away from counter)

      Solicitor: “Now excuse me, they weren’t taken by TUSLA the were taken by An Garda Siochana”
      Man: “That’s correct”
      Solicitor: “They were delivered to TUSLA by An Garda Siochana. That is not the same thing…And under those circumstances, if there were not grounds under the Mental Health Act, against this man here, which there clearly weren’t, then there weren’t grounds either under the Child Care Act of 1991. So therefore they are in the care of TUSLA illegally. They were abducted by the guards under false pretences and then taken and given into the care of TUSLA under false pretences. And no one is willing to answer the question as to who gave the order; where it came from; where the accusation was made; what the accusation was. But what we do know is that the accusation didn’t stand up to first sight scrutiny by a medical professional. And the children are still under a clear order that was granted under false pretences.”

      Man: “There was no clear order. Well I haven’t seen any”
      Solicitor: “Well I presume they got one under section 12”
      Man: “Doesn’t a judge have to give that?”
      Solicitor: “He does”
      Man: “I’d like to see it”
      Solicitor:” Nobody is showing us that. Nobody is showing us on what basis, and they seem to have no records here…. “

      1. Johnny

        BUT BUT BUT Bunreacht na hÉireann, Bunreacht na hÉireann,he should face consequences as a solicitor for brining his profession into disrepute.

  8. max

    So according to that interview that he did with that youtuber, the kids were in his care by court order, so any complaint about his parental skills would have to be taken very seriously as the children were already in the system

      1. GiggigyGoo

        The 3:30 does make sense, after reading Daisy’s link to the actual judgement below.

        “The Court will list this matter for further directions at 4 pm tomorrow, 29 April 2021. At that hearing it will wish to be told whether agreed return arrangements have been put in place and what those arrangements are. In the absence of agreement, the Court will give whatever directions are necessary to ensure the immediate return of the children. Any other issues arising from the Court’s decision can also be addressed at that hearing .”

        So the immediate return didn’t happen on 30th, and on 1st May, the Gardai acted. No qualms with that.

        1. scottser

          they were the wrong statutes to use tho gigs; neither the gardai, himself nor the kids were at risk of harm due to his behaviours.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            None of us know there was no risk of harm. The children are safe and unharmed with their mother now and surely that’s the most important thing?

        2. Bitnboxy

          And yet @GiggidyPox, we had you yesterday quoting a far-right twitter troll account to try whip up some traction for the National Party based on this and your usual anti-establishment shtick.

          Needless to say, V aka Frilly Keane has taken you to task before for your rancid anti-migrant views on here so we know where your real views lie.

          And as it transpired, like most of these complex family cases, there was far more than meets the eye than Giggidy’s flog-the-Gardaí crap.

          Let that be lesson to you Giggidy, you aul wretch.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            As it’s only yesterday, I’m sure you can provide a link to where you say I was ‘trying to ‘whip up some traction for the National Party’
            It’s a story I came across. You chose to comment on the thread, (the usual Beetlejuice x 3 when I post) but with your usual referring to yourself in the third person – and nothing to offer. here’s the link. https://www.broadsheet.ie/2021/05/02/may-bank-holiday-mondays-papers/#comment-2311622 Work away with your conspiracy theory. (Oh look – it’s a main story on BS today!)

            By referring to yourself in the 3rd person, remember, you’re letting us know that you’re a narcissist and a gaslighter. Now toddle along like a good little lad.

          2. Bitnboxy

            Oh please, I’ve seen you abuse other posters on here, notably Millie of late, causing a dramatic volte face from you when she took you up on it causing you to explain your extreme crankiness and inability to deal with contrary opinions. And while I sympathise with your personal circumstances, it is not an excuse for your behaviour GiggidyPox.

            When V aka Frilly Keane made the obvious point yesterday that there likely was a lot more to this story, to leave the family alone and not to go making assumptions, you in all your anger and hypocrisy accused her of being touchy and making assumptions herself!

            So Boxy is not taking any of your aul nonsense and acute tendency to bat your eyelids at the far right (I mean that twitter troll account you quoted GiggidyPox was something else) and you can call me all the names under the sun, I’ll still keep calling you out.

            Grow up.

          3. GiggigyGoo

            Aw. Did I touch a nerve? Referring to yourself in the 3rd person again? See above.

  9. Dr.Fart

    such a tricky story to find details for. anything online is from headers who support Peter Barrett, Ronan Mullen and John McGuirk etc., all giving the story to be: man films gardai break up mass > gardai take his children at 3am > fin.
    which no doubt leaves a lot of detail out.

      1. Kdoc

        And it’s another opportunity to have a profile raising protest march to some Garda station.

  10. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Rather than access a YouTube video, does anyone have the full story on this?

  11. Broadbag

    As soon as you see her ladyship Dee Wall is championing the man you should know there’s something very suss going on. Thanks Daisy for doing the research and clarifying the facts.

  12. Dell

    Someone sent me some link about this yesterday and within a minute I knew that this was being used to push an agenda. Two innocent kids who should be with their mother to begin with and are stuck in what seems like a very unstable family situation at the moment being used to gain political points. Without revealing any of the actual circumstances you put a half baked version of it up here to attempt to score some kind of conspiracy riddled political point? You’ve reached a whole new level of low. And you have the cheek to say main stream media are biased. What was it .. back to montrose with me .. not a bad plan.

  13. Daisy Chainsaw

    More “The enemy of my enemy” balderdash from BS. Sad that they fell for “They took me kids cos I filmed de Gardai.” anti lockdown rubbish.

    1. ian-oG

      What next, some of the wit & wisdom of Angela Ray & Dee Wall?

      This place has firmly nailed it’s colours to the mast.


  14. Dell

    Why are you not correcting this ? This is a family law matter and this needs to be stated.

  15. Cryola

    so to summarise:
    no one here knows anything, but all would really like to know the details of what is a particularly sad episode in a number of peoples lives.
    Not a great reflection on us is it?

    1. Dell

      We know that the man was ordered to return the children to their mother , he didn’t , the guards did it instead. We also know that the way this has been reported here is a twisted narrative to push an agenda. I don’t think it’s a sad reflection on anyone to want to know the truth when a family’s, and most particularly children’s awful situation is being used for political gain

  16. V aka Frilly Keane

    Has this thread been updated?

    It could well be that I’m on a different thread altogether but
    I thought I read a different promo over a screenshot of a tweet using a AGS logo thanking everyone

  17. Dell

    Finally updated. That it took so long and doesn’t state that it is an update and a very relevant one says it all but at least it’s been updated

  18. f_lawless

    I just watched a video uploaded today of Pat Sweeney telling.his own side of the story. He maintains that subsequent to the court ruling, his immediate focus then became to keep his children from going through the trauma of being taken away by TUSLA and that he was in direct contact with his ex in France and was actively trying to help her get here to Ireland as quickly as possible so as to avoid that situation.

    Direct quote:
    “Obviously I rang a few close friends and family first. I think it was actually my sister who rang my ex and told her what had happened and then when I rang her up she was very distressed, she hadn’t a clue what was going on. She was like, ‘Where are the kids?’ Where are they?’ I told her the story: look they came in the middle of the night Three guards at the bottom of the bed, waking me up and took me to Longford Garda station. I think she was dumbfounded. My sister was speaking to her as well and she was saying ‘I think she had nothing to do with it’. She could tell by her reaction.”

    “There were problems with the mandatory quarantine from France. – she wasn’t even aware of it – but I found a flight from Paris to Belfast and somebody could have met her in Belfast. Even one of my neighbours (offered to get her)..”

    “‘..I’ve seen stuff online, people saying this , that and the other bout Gardai corruption. I’ve always taken it with a pinch of salt..but what happen the other night..(shakes head in disbelief)..”

    1. Dell

      I honestly think, given that he lied in court about the children suffering from claustrophobia and therefore couldn’t wear masks so he could keep them here, that his side of the story is what needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Of course you’re going to believe the antimask, antilockdown child snatcher!

    3. Cian

      If you read the court order (Daisy linked above) the judge said:

      In making the necessary arrangements, the parties should have regard to the observations of Whelan J at the conclusion of her judgment in JV v OI. It is important to ensure a smooth and calm transition of the children from their current place of residence with PS into the custody and care of CT for the purposes of returning to France. PS must facilitate this. I understood Mr de Blacam to suggest that CT intends to travel to Ireland, and to travel back with the children, by ferry. If that is so, the children should be transferred to CT at or immediately proximate to the ferry port, at a time to be agreed. The arrangements should be such as to avoid CT becoming subject to quarantine here. Both PS and CT must take all appropriate steps to minimise the risk of W and X being infected with Covid-19 during their journey from their current place of abode in R back to their habitual residence with CT in A

      Ferry was proposed.

      1. GiggigyGoo

        That judgement was 29th April I think. The ‘It is important to ensure a smooth and calm transition of the children from their current place of residence with PS into the custody and care of CT for the purposes of returning to France.’ doesn’t tally with what actually happened.

      2. f_lawless

        “It is important to ensure a smooth and calm transition of the children from their current place of residence with PS into the custody and care of CT for the purposes of returning to France.”

        The house raided at 3am, the children’s father being detained under spurious mental health grounds, the children being denied any subsequent access to their father. That’s the opposite of ensuring “a smooth and calm transition”.

        edit. sorry Giggidy I didn’t see your comment initially

      3. V aka Frilly Keane

        oh stoppit

        stop making this 3 am thing
        a thing

        when t’was all about the Dad videoing the Guards – hashtag police state and all the other crap ye were driving since Sunday

        is this is the new the mask slipped

      4. Cian

        Last paragraph:
        The Court will list this matter for further directions at 4 pm tomorrow, 29 April 2021.
        At that hearing it will wish to be told whether agreed return arrangements have been put in place and what those arrangements are. In the absence of agreement, the Court will give whatever directions are necessary to ensure the immediate return of the children. Any other issues arising from the Court’s decision can also be addressed at that hearing .

        I wonder why the police intervened? is it possible that “the Court gave whatever directions are necessary to ensure the immediate return of the children.”???

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Hard to know. Grifters gonna grift and at least it was grifted off of stupid people who I have no sympathy for.

  19. Lucky Escape

    Does the term “Grifter” apply to Ms Marxist BLM who bought the 4 Hollywood mansions complete with landing pads?
    Or should said Marxist be more properly appellated as : ” Grifter Extraordinaire”, or “Grifter in Chief”?
    Coming across these comments from your sick, twisted little minds shows what a poopyhole ROI has become.
    Uuughh! The chances of ever voting to join up with you mad psychos! Give me the sanity of Northerners any day!
    God really does work in mysterious ways: you’s self-destructed through your ‘independence’ and we have preserved a degree of sanity through being cut off from you’s.
    You’s are a basket case.
    Hahahahaha. Lock me down more! Harder, harder!
    The Southern education system must be really, really, really bad to produce such imbeciles.
    Have they put something in the water?
    Hahahaha! “Catholic guilt” is baaaad, but now I’ve got some lovely new, shiny guilts like white guilt and meat eating guilt and climate guilt and covid guilt. And I really looooove my new guilts. All my friends have them too.
    It’s not Pat Sweeney that needed the mental health check. Hahahahaha! Look at the state of yiz……………

      1. Lucky Escape

        oh Dear God, yiz think everybody belongs in your little bubble……………
        Or is an ‘Eoghan’ some generic term for all Northerners?

        ‘Build that Wall!’ Keep the batshit crazy southerners out. We don’t want any of that 100% proof self-loathing mixed with undiluted authoritan aspirations oozing over the border. You keep it; sure we’re grand! Hahahahaha. Drew is the colour, Harris is the name, da da dada da, mcaleese is the same.
        Mad as a box of frogs. Mad Mary of the many ‘magenings.
        But sure you’re up by half eight. Ye must have a job to go to. Good on ye, gotta keep those oul taxes rolling in to support your dependents in the manner to which they would very quickly like to become accustomed.
        And remember, back the blue hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Pat sweeney’s a wrong’ un.
        Defund the police, pigs is baaaad.
        This ‘Eoghan’ is toddling off now. Got to crochet some muzzles, cook copious baloney, invent the wheel, wrap it in a parcel and send it down south. They want it so badly. And then I can relax, my Nigerian prince is emailing me later. Lol. (whaddya mean? Ye can’t say that…… He IS a prince……. He TOLD me…..)

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