Come On, Man


This morning.

Speaking on Newstalk, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said:

“The intervention from Joe Biden’s administration is significant but also from my perspective, represents a lot of common sense.

“I think the US are saying ‘sort out this issue, we’re very clear from a United States perspective that the Good Friday Agreement, peace on the island is an absolute imperative and that the protocol is a contributor to that. You’ve signed up to it, adhere to it’.”

Biden intervention in NI Protocol row ‘significant’ – Taoiseach (RTÉ)



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10 thoughts on “Come On, Man

  1. goldenbrown

    not so fast
    you could read it another way
    still talking about negotiating
    but this is a deal that the Brits came up with and agreed already, no?
    what’s to negotiate?

    (sounds more like re-negotiate if you ask me)

  2. Johnny

    If you haven’t it’s worth a…
    “…nothing can go wrong!” Boris Johnson said, jumping into the driver’s seat of a tram he was about to take for a test ride. “Nothing. Can. Go. Wrong.”

    Martin nor FFG have no friends in Biden’s admin,Sec Labor is Marty Walsh a staunch union/labor guy from Dorchester,Chair House Ways is Richie Neal another blue collar,irish American both give FFG ‘s front the irish American fraud,fund a wide berth.

    Johnson is considered just another duplicitous opportunistic yank relocated to London,who bristles at his junior partner role to irish catholic straight shooter Joe.

    1. Johnny

      ….after New York,I would have guessed/assumed I’d spend few years working in London.
      Now not a chance,would you relocate there?

  3. RuilleBuille

    How the Brits think calling Biden ‘senile’ will enhance their chances of getting him onboard.

  4. Formerly known as

    Bozo knows where he stands. It is good to have Biden on our side.

  5. ian-oG

    With Scotland gone possibly sooner rather than later and potentially a United Ireland on the way it will just be the Welsh and English and I’d say it would only be a matter of time before Wales want out too.

    Then it will just be England in splendid isolation, which is what they wanted.

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