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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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Further to British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’ plans to legislate to override parts of the Brexit withdrawal treaty the UK struck with the EU…

“The Good Friday Accords are the bedrock of peace in Northern Ireland and a beacon of hope for the entire world. Ensuring there remains no physical border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland is absolutely necessary for upholding this landmark agreement, which has transformed Northern Ireland.

“It is deeply concerning that the United Kingdom is now seeking to unilaterally discard the Northern Ireland Protocol. Negotiated agreements like the Protocol preserve the important progress and stability forged by the Good Friday Accords, which continue to enjoy strong bipartisan and bicameral support in the United States Congress.

“As I have stated in my conversations with the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and Members of the House of Commons, if the United Kingdom chooses to undermine the Good Friday Accords, the Congress cannot and will not support a bilateral free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

“Respectful of the will of the British people and of Brexit, I urge constructive, collaborative and good-faith negotiations to implement an agreement that upholds peace. The children of Northern Ireland, who have never known the bloody conflict and do not want to go back, deserve a future free of the violence where all may reach their fulfillment,”

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Congress.

Pelosi Statement Reaffirming Support of the Northern Ireland Protocol (Nancy Pelosi)

Britain’s moves to unilaterally discard NI Protocol ‘deeply concerning’ – Pelosi



From top: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and then Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at Parliament Buildings at Stormont, Belfast, Northern Ireland on January 13, 2020; Texts last night from former Johnson aide Dominic Cummings

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Via ITV News:

Ireland has warned countries around the world not to trust the UK because it is run by a “British government that doesn’t necessarily keep its word”.

Irish deputy prime minister Leo Varadkar urged countries to be careful when dealing with the UK because of the “bad faith” demonstrated in the government’s plans to overhaul a key agreement signed as part of the Brexit deal.

After agreeing to the Northern Ireland Protocol – part of the Brexit arrangement that means checks on some goods and services flowing between Great Britain and NI – the UK has continually sought to change aspects of it.

The EU, and swathes of British MPs, have been unhappy about the UK’s attempts to renege on the agreement, but comments by Boris Johnson’s former top aide Dominic Cummings appear to have caused anger.

‘They don’t keep their word’: Ireland warns world against signing deals with UK after Brexit (ITV)


UK Brexit Minister Lord David Frost

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Brexit: What is the Northern Ireland Protocol and why are the EU and UK still fighting over sausages? (Sky)



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Speaking on Newstalk, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said:

“The intervention from Joe Biden’s administration is significant but also from my perspective, represents a lot of common sense.

“I think the US are saying ‘sort out this issue, we’re very clear from a United States perspective that the Good Friday Agreement, peace on the island is an absolute imperative and that the protocol is a contributor to that. You’ve signed up to it, adhere to it’.”

Biden intervention in NI Protocol row ‘significant’ – Taoiseach (RTÉ)