Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport



This afternoon.

Several federal cabinet ministers were called to a top-secret meeting in Canberra on Wednesday ahead of a major international development expected out of the United States today

Sources familiar with the development said some members of cabinet were granted border exemptions to urgently fly to Canberra for the hastily arranged meeting, which sources say will have international significance.


Ministers granted border exemptions to attend urgent meeting in Canberra (Sydney Morning Herald)




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62 thoughts on “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

    1. Mick


      “President Joe Biden will announce a new working group with Britain and Australia to share advanced technologies in a thinly veiled bid to counter China, a White House official and a Congressional staffer told POLITICO.

      “The trio, which will be known by the acronym AUUKUS, will make it easier for the nations to share information and know-how in key technological areas like artificial intelligence, cyber, underwater systems and long-range strike capabilities.”
      No need for the Gillian McKeith histrionics, Bodger.

        1. Truthy

          Well then shut up about it, you’re worse than Chicken Licken .. .”Oh nos, the sky is falling, the sky is falling … ” *enormous eye-roll

          1. Micko

            A very decent man by all accounts. Most on Twitter are praising him as a gent.

            Some news are saying he died with Covid and some are saying from – so who knows. Either way – he’s dead RIP


            But that’s not really the issue is it Tom2.

            You and others online are actually gloating at the death of this father of two. There’s people actually laughing at this man dying.

            Why? Because he disagreed with you and others on ONE single issue.That’s it! ONE ISSUE!

            If anyone needed more proof that there IS a Covid lovers cult and this thing has morphed into a quasi-religion, well here you go.

            They’re happy when the heratics are killed.

            You need to take a long look in the mirror pal.

          2. tom2

            Hardly gloating. These deaths are inherently comical. Anti-science people say covid doesn’t exist and then a week later they die of…covid.
            You can’t but help laugh at that.

          3. jonboy

            Micko, it’s odd that your scorn is reserved for the people laughing at the Irony and not for the people fueling the whole conspiracy that directly resulted in the Councillor’s death.

          4. jonboy

            Micko, in Mr. Hamill’s case he was a COVID-sceptic who argued against any of the health measures introduced to reduce risk such as lockdowns, masks, vaccines, etc. and argued that people didn’t die from COVID-19 and that the data on deaths was not real.

            Like all of these guys it’s hard to pin down what his actual beliefs were other than being anti-science.

          5. Micko


            Can you explain what that means? Because I have no idea what you mean by it.

            I assume he agreed on everything else to do with science.

            Gravity, respiration, the electromagnetic spectrum, quantum mechanics, evolution, blah blah blah…planes fly and cellphones work etc?

            And disagreeing on ONE thing makes him “anti science” to you?

            And that makes it ok to laugh at his death?

            Seriously lads. Dogma. You’re spouting dogma.

            Cop the fupp on.

          6. Fergalito

            Don’t care which pole you stick your flag on, or which hill you choose to die on but there’s nothing inherently comical about a real person’s death.

          7. Jonboy

            I literally outlined that he had specifically argued that people do not die of COVID. If you don’t see an ounce of Irony there then I’m sorry mate I don’t think know what to tell you.

            I don’t think it’s dogmatic to think people who believe in woo, whether it’s COVID-sceptics, homeopaths, reiki advocates, etc are a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

            It just so happens that the COVID stuff aligns with pro-lifers and religious fanatics but I would equally laugh at left-wing new age types who believe eating veg will cure COVID.

          8. Man On Fire

            Wishing and gushing in another person’s death is gutter material, no matter what youre reasons.

            Take a break from the Internet

          9. Fergalito

            Finding humour in death is one thing, finding the death of an individual “inherently comical” or something to laugh at, no.

            Each to his own. Go ahead and wet yerself.

          10. GiggidyGoo

            A particular, small, segment of ‘the real world’ joke about it. Don’t forget to renew your membership jonboy. We know where you belong.

          11. Fergalito


            Fair point. Humour in death helps to mitigate against the weight of the existential and the trumped up ideas we have about ourselves. “Sceptre and crown come tumbling down” etc.

            Lookit, none of my business what tickles people pink or whatever hue yer having yerself.

          12. Micko

            Other human has different thoughts and beliefs in his head than the thoughts and beliefs in MY head.

            Therefore, when he dies I will laugh and gloat that he followed the wrong belief.

            Yup. Sound preeeety much like a religion to me lads.


          13. Nigel

            Micko, this poor sod joins a long list of people who will be remembered for variations of denying covid then dying of it. Not that long ago since you had a bit of a laugh dismissing the deaths of over four and a half million people. Maybe you could tell us a bit about how this chap is going to be ‘replaced?’ Is one death a tragedy, 4.6 million a statistic?

          14. Jonboy


            ‘Therefore, when he dies I will laugh and gloat that he followed the wrong belief.’

            He died of the thing he didn’t believe in, the thing he said wasn’t killing people. That’s the joke, not that he’s dead, that he died of irony.

            I genuinely feel sorry for his family, it truly is a sad thing. But just because it’s a tragedy does not mean it’s not amusing.

            Also quoting Carlin to complain about a joke in bad taste is stretching irony to it’s limits…

            @manonfire Hell isn’t real dude, so I’m not too worried

          15. GiggidyGoo

            No shame in jonboy nor Nigel. Two unadulterated male appendages strutting their stuff. Last Word Nigel to follow.

          16. Micko

            I’m afraid if you’re gonna call me out for a previous post there Nidgey yer gonna have to go find it.

            Otherwise it’s just hearsay. Inadmissible as they say in the legal profession. Taken out of context.

            Off ya pop. I’ll wait…

            Edit: Hurry Up Nidge!!!

          17. Micko

            “ That’s the joke, not that he’s dead, that he died of irony.”

            Really Jonboy?

            Are you sure you’re not just arguing for the sake of it?

            Are you sure this is even your argument -and that it’s not tom2’s.

            He set the whole things up and now you’re defending his argument.

            Are you sure you’re not the Milhouse to his Bart?

          18. Jonboy

            @micko are you sure you’re not just deflecting cause I called you out on the Carlin quote and you realised your argument goes against everything he stood for?

          19. Man On Fire

            If you haven’t noticed Jon plenty of other people are reviled by your comment so your point is moot

          20. Micko

            Two part answer and question Jonboy

            A) A video is not a quote. I’d say ask Nigel but he doesn’t watch videos and is currently too busy searching for the thing I told him to go find from the other day, that I said “allegedly”.

            B) Do you still have that Pog collection? I hear that ALF one is preeeety rare these days.


            Edit: Hurry Up Nidge!!! The update for my PS4 is nearly finished and I don’t have all day.

            Can’t find the staff eh?

          21. Jonboy


            a) sorry I should have used the term referenced, though I still think quote works in an internet-forum context.
            b) if that’s your favourite joke no wonder we’re argueing over humour!

            edit: have you played the new expansion for Ghost of Tsushima? it looks good, I might download it later.

            @manonfire I’m not sure which point your pearl-clutching renders mute.

          22. Poor oul divil

            I for one think the only religious zealots on here are Nigel and the clown who keeps telling people to take a break from the internet , Micko I don’t buy your fake outrage either sorry

          23. Man On Fire

            I’m having a ball clobbering you and the rest of the low level minions, this gives me immense pleasure.

          24. Micko

            Ah in all fairness Jonboy. You seem like a nice bloke.

            I’m only taking the pee now at this stage of the conversation – all my “rage” is gone now (possibly that I’ve had dinner and am fed. )

            Let’s be pals instead. :-)

            And Poor oul divil. That is entirely your prerogative sir. But, I was peed off earlier – honestly. (Possibly related to the empty stomach situation above)

            But you seem like a nice bloke too judging on your comment in fairness chief.

            “Love in” anyone? :p

            Edit; Nope havnt played that game. Spend most of the time doing VR games at the mo.

            Edit 2: Just had a goo at Ghost of Tsushima – looks good

          25. Jonboy

            @micko no worries mate, you seem sound. To be honest I’m only keeping up the argument to see how long you guys could continue the outrage :)

            If I ever meet you around town I’ll buy you a pint!

          26. Poor oul divil

            Fair enough micko, sorry I misjudged you.
            I don’t agree with you on everything but you are obviously a very decent guy who is both open minded and honest.

          27. Micko

            Ah nice one lads.

            Sure, no harm no foul.

            And proof that you can disagree, even argue with someone on the internet and eventually walk away with no hard feelings and knowing people a bit better.

            Just make sure it’s pints AFTER dinner ;-)


  1. Mr.T

    North and South Korea back to launching ICBM tests today too – UK ships patrolling near chinese waters recently, Chinese ships patrolling near the US EEA outside Alaska.

    With Chinese Evergrande real estate conglomerate about to break with 100s of bn in debt – perhaps theyre afraid the Chinese could go to war before their economy crashes.
    Or that the Chinese may try to call in all that US debt they own

  2. K. Cavan

    Just laughing at someone’s death is not quite the same thing as cracking a funny about the subject. Writing jokes takes talent, laughing about a person’s death doesn’t.
    However, coming on to a public forum to gloat about it is crass.

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