Seemed To Go Well



Trinity College, Dublin.

“…the mental gymnastics all of you are involved in here to maintain this narrative are stunning, given the educational backgrounds you have…”

A pandemic preparedness event hosted by the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute with Professor Luke O Neill and Kingston Mills, professor of experimental immunology and the academic director of the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, among the attendees, is interrupted.

No way to treat heroes.


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87 thoughts on “Seemed To Go Well

      1. Triona Ryan

        John’s twin Triona Jungleman.

        John has put the Truth ahead of himself and he will be rewarded for it. You too Nick! So proud of these brave Irishmen.

        1. anti bot

          who did he murder? name one single person. You’re loke most people on here- throw out a single comment without any back up, run away, and remove blame the mass media. loons. Good riddance to this shxxte. 1 person……

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Day after day, month after month, post after post, anti-bot, you’ve just shown how stupid you are. Boards would be a good resting place for you.

        2. Barry

          They posted many obvious lies. I salute them as they wave their soiled underpants from the prow of their sinking ship.

          Today I’m thinking of the families of people who lost their lives to suicide and were claimed as vaccine victims by John and Nick.

          1. E'Matty

            That you can still come on this site and spout such garbage is indicative of just how much Broadsheet respects diversity of opinion and freedom of speech.

    1. One for the Roads

      Brave hearts to the bitter end.
      We will wonder where the Broadsheet is when the mass murder is finally exposed.
      May God be with you all.

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      Brave? Maybe. Deluded? Certainly.

      I wrote the other day about not joining Broadsheet as I did that years ago when John went full Gemma bot and Q.

      It was mapped out to him clearly that moving BS’s editorial direction would only end one way for this site.

      And no, I’m still not mourning. But I do feel strong and compelling sense of disappointment. Because this was avoidable and as and when the dust settles, when there’s no BS and his community to post to, i hope that vacuum is filled with something positive and with a realisation that it could have been so, so different.

      Know your customer. That’s business. And BS was his – one of his – businesses.

  1. Kin

    It is now clear why the lockdown happened
    It was to spare the incompetent HSE and we all lost our livelihoods freedoms etc
    I doubt anyone now will blindly follow this lot again
    It now emerges the wuhan lab theory is the only one that adds up
    It looks like this virus is engineered
    Also the war in ukrainE and monkey pox
    Was thIs devised in DAVOS to cull the population
    Seems so many coincidences of disasters one might just wonder

    1. One for the Roads

      The time for wondering is over, everything you say has already been proven.
      God bless.

      1. Kin

        And I had covid 19 in December 2019
        after 3jabs I eventually got it and it was much milder than December 201
        I knew because the antigen result was covid 19
        We all have Tcells that are part of our natural bodies defence and I do not know now if it’s the T cells from December 2019 or the vaccine
        As bad as covid 19 was that I had in December 2019 I survived it with pescribed steroids
        But my business was under lockdown tor near on two years my customers were restricted when we could open and we were held prisoners in our own homes
        I missed the funerals of quite a few dear friends one of which lived in England who was one of my closest

        Seems though government cannot muster any protection to people from the price gouging from a proxy war in Ukraine but they can stop us from making a living to spare the HSE from collapse while all public sector workers were paid and did not loose one days pay

    2. Rob_G

      “It is now clear why the lockdown happened
      It was to spare the incompetent HSE”

      Jaysus, nice of the rest of the world agreed to go into lockdown as well to save the HSE’s blushes – say what you will about Ireland but we sure do have an outsized influence on the world stage…

    3. anti bot

      ah go on Kin, supply evidence for your narrative. another conspiratorial loon. I thought covid was a flu that killed nobody?

      1. E'Matty

        One last time for posterity. Covid-19 was a moderate virus which posed a threat to a tiny minority of the Irish population. More than 93 per cent of people who died with coronavirus in the State in the first and most “deadly” wave had an underlying condition, according to Central Statistics Office (CSO) data.

        Chronic heart disease was by far the most common underlying condition among those who died with the virus, accounting for 44 per cent of cases. Other underlying conditions included kidney disease, liver disease, neurological disease, respiratory disease, cancer and diabetes. These are the prime killers in this State every year.

        The vast majority with an underlying condition who died with the disease were aged over 65 with the median age at 83. Just 5% of those who died were admitted to ICU. Covid is treatable disease. Why no treatment? The overwhelming majority of wave 1 deaths came from nursing and care homes, following the outrageous and criminal decision of the Government, your kind defend to the end, to push thousands of very ill dying elderly people out of the hospital care system untested back into the nursing and care home facilities. Those people required hospital care those facilities could not provide. Covid was introduced as a result of this untested transfer en masse into the most vulnerable population in the country. This policy was practised in numerous Western countries, all with obvious and foreseeable tragic consequences.

        Creative accounting enabled Official Ireland to present the inevitable deaths resulting from THEIR policies as the result of a “deadly” virus thereby terrorising the general populace into submission. Covid-19 has never been a particular general community threat. Nursing and care homes have always provided the overwhelming majority of deaths attributed to Covid-19, even with the clearly deceitful use of died WITH and not from Covid.

        This hysteria hyped by Official Ireland and a compliant State sponsored mainstream media poured this BS down the throats of the population day after day attacking and vilifying anyone who dared question ANY aspect of the Covid-19 hysteria narrative, despite the narratives own blatant and regular contradictions and inconsistencies. Blind and unquestioning obedience to voices of authority presented as virtuous and civic spirited. Questioning this irrational and illogical orthodoxy blasphemous and worthy of absolute contempt. Not with the tribe? We’ll cut you out of society, deny you the right to free movement, deny you access to hospitals to see your newborn, deny you access to public social places. How dare you not take an unproven vaccine using a completely new form of “vaccine” for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate at it’s very worst variant.

        The virus mutated itself to insignificance and the narrative shifts. Precedents have been set and the decade where human society is radically reshaped continues unabated.

        Throughout this utterly ridiculous group think and herd behaviour Bodger and Nick at Broadsheet stood tall as the ONLY media outlet in this country that questioned this mindless obedience to voices of authority. Broadsheet clearly wasn’t on the payroll. How many media outlets in this country can say they did not take the King’s shilling? History will remember this site as one that paid the ultimate price for being a lone voice of truth standing against the insurmountable odds of the herd, the mob in action. Kudos to Broadsheet. The very thing so many claim is their achilles heel of late, is in fact their defining moment. They sacrificed commercial interests to stand for truth when nobody else would.

          1. E'Matty

            I obviously wouldn’t have expected someone of your intellect to read anything so long. It’s the pictures you always enjoyed. Your inability to concentrate beyond one paragraph or 140 characters is a contributory factor to your general ignorance of the reality you live in. It’s this mindless unthinking nature Bodger and Co have enabled us to challenge throughout these years. For that they will always have my respect and admiration. I honestly couldn’t care less about people like you.

  2. ANO

    Just remember to double and triple check the source of everything you watch, read or listen to online.

    1. One for the Roads

      Fair play to you Tom, you brought a bit of common decency to this undecent place.
      Look after yourself.

  3. Lol

    Hahaha you ruined your reputation and now your shit website is shutting down, hope it was worth posting muck like this and platforming fash weirdos

    1. Bodger

      No need for the coarse language. Please use poo or a safer alternative in future if at all possible.

  4. SOQ

    The website states that the event partners were Eurofins Biomnis. Are we to assume the event was therefore funded by the leading independent provider of medical laboratory testing services in Ireland then? They could well afford it, that much is for sure.

    Eurofins Biomnis & COVID-19. To date, Eurofins Biomnis have performed over 1.3 million SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests for the HSE and other healthcare providers. We were at the forefront of SARS-CoV-2 variant detection by PCR in early 2021 and our variant PCR programme identified the very first cases of the South African variant in the midlands in late February 2021. This initiative led the HSE to instruct all other laboratories performing SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing to send their travel-related primary positives to Eurofins Biomnis for variant PCR testing.

    All completely impartial, balanced and scientific I am sure. I would have loved to hear Sunetra Gupta’s speech mind- oh not wait, she wasn’t invited now was she?

    1. anti bot

      but according to you there was no covid. just a flu that killed nobody. what does it feel like to shut down a website that used to be half decent? all from a foreigner living off state benefits.

      1. SOQ

        I never said there was no covid- now pee off back under whatever bridge you came from- and never appear again.

    1. Bodger

      Hughie, we spoke about this yesterday. No one likes a bad winner. That smell in your room right now is the smell of victory. Enjoy the spoils. You deserve it.

    2. jonjoker

      HL, Is the guy who complained from Irish Inquiry, or is II simply reporting his views?

  5. Hughie Luas

    Cian Ginty
    Jun 8
    Replying to @davidcochrane and @broadsheet_ie
    If you overlook spreading conspiracies, anti-vaxxer and other far-right nonsense… if the last few years with Brexit, Trump, the rise of the far-right in France, etc has proven anything it’s proven how toxic pushing that BS is to society.

    Gavin Sheridan
    Jun 8
    Replying to
    @cianginty@davidcochrane and @broadsheet_ie
    What Cian said.

  6. The Mad Account

    Nick May I suggest that we get a final You May Like This featuring your new song with Dr Millar?

  7. Shostoppah

    No wonder you’re shutting down.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Broadsheet jumped the shark way before the pandemic.
    A once great source of entertainment

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      Nullzero fighting the goodfight,
      personally I’ll be a whole lot less on line, Twitter and all that shouting isn’t really for me and I can’t be arse to get to know a new bunch of folks,
      Double down on running and contemplating the universe out the window it is so.

    2. Tumbelina

      Silly Hughie, there are some very fair comments re. Broadsheet on the thread, as well as a clip from Gemma O’Doherty complaining about Broadsheet jettisoning her after her anti-immigration policy unfolded.

      You’re really showing yourself up at this point. I hope you can be conclusively blocked from any other venture John is involved in. But then he believes in free speech to an extent that is positively saintly, so perhaps you won’t be. I hope you are though.

    3. Micko

      Lots of comments there talking about how “BS shot themselves in the foot with their Covid coverage” etc and how “they should have changed direction”

      But yet they didn’t…

      And THAT there is what should be remembered about Broadsheet.

      Even when it wasn’t financially viable, even when it was losing readers, even when contributors ran and left John & Nick on their own, they still continued to cover the stories they believed were right.

      Rightly or wrongly? That’s debatable, but against the majority, against coercion, they did what the thought was right. Even when it probably meant their own ruin.

      It would have been easy to go along with the herd. But they didn’t.

      And how many people can you say that about? F*^k all in my experience.…


      Thanks lads ;-)

      1. Tumbelina

        Great comment, Micko, wonderful to read an accurate understanding and assessment of those behind this great site. They didn’t deserve the absolute nonsense projected on to them by others. Just leaving this here for those who say Broadsheet was anti-immigration or right wing. Thanks Poohie Luas for alerting me to it.

        1. Tumbelina

          The amount of abuse and mischaracterisation that John Ryan has endured while running this site is beyond belief. It’s amazing he’s still in one piece, never mind still punning away. I hope he gets a good rest in the satisfaction of a wonderful job done over the past 12 years and the knowledge that he has done not only his readers but also his country a massive service, the value of which, like all great things, will only ever be appreciated in hindsight.

          1. anti bot

            it was just covid, it was anti vax Pro Trump Pro putin, the allowance of d heads calling other people retard, the lack of news story’s……

          2. johnny

            “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

      2. Dell

        I haven’t commented much on here and when I did , it more often than not was because I was infuriated with what was being published and the sources that it came from . That being said, I agree with Micko. Admittedly at first I thought bodger was just against “the narrative” for the sake of being against it and as time went on I realised that no, this was in fact his stance and I apologise for thinking that. I still completely disagree with your stance but I do believe you and Nick are coming from a genuine place, which is pretty uncommon these days, and you have most definitely put your money where your mouth is.

        I learnt to avoid anything covid related on here and still appreciated all of the other articles and the comments sections when everyone wasn’t at each other’s throats.

        It’s been a strange mix of I told you so’s, people gloating and people genuinely lamenting the loss of BS over the last few days . I don’t think it’s anything to gloat about, seeing someone lose something they love to do. No matter how much I disagreed with you, I would hope you do get back on your feet and reincarnate in some other way.

  8. SailorGerry

    Informed consent of the clot shot risks was never shared, in fact they were hidden, disregarded or glossed over as a conspiracy theory. The danger of the virus was exaggerated and the benefits of the shots were also overstated, with a continually narrative of lies.

    The lockdowns impoverished many normal working class people and small business owners for no good reason, other than a deliberate implosion of the economy that benefitted the few, at the expense of the many.

      1. galaxiapolizia

        + 1
        always thought-provoking posts, Chris
        and very valiant Telly too…!
        best of luck with all your endeavours..

      2. Tom J

        @ Chris, what’s your point.
        Are you trying to compare the persecution of the Jews to the fall of Broadsheet. Jesus wept

        1. Chris

          No, It’s pointing out the uncanny resemblance of the girl in the links behaviour to Daisys.

    1. Fearganainm

      Tabhair aire duit féin, Nóinín.

      Will be in touch in July.

      Bualadh bos for the Legion of the Rearguard.

  9. Jess

    I used to comment here daily a few years ago and came back to see whats happening now the site’s closing. Sadly, this post is indicative that Broadsheet’s demise is a net gain for humanity

    1. Nullzero

      A net gain for people who agree with you.

      That’s modern discourse; “everyone that disagrees with me is [insert slur here] “

    2. E'Matty

      You’ll be delighted to hear the Journal is still operating so. I’m sure you’ve felt more at home there where everybody thinks whatever the government tells them to think. So comforting.

  10. One for the Roads

    Daisy was tuned into you gallops from way beyond the time yis started.
    Hypocrisy at its penultimate.
    Yis know who you are.
    Clown town
    I hear computing forever is hiring security.

    Best wishes.
    Zero hope.
    Bicycles for brains.
    Fop on.

  11. One for the Roads

    Bodger, can you edit that to make it sound a bit nicer pls. Twas genuine, few puns would be grand.
    In and in anyways, thanks for the madnesss and the gladness, I have been a stone cold addict, and its brilliant.
    Peace, love, Unity
    And having fun.
    Chargerers’ Mrsss
    ‘They is what they is’

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