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Derek Mooney

I am truly sorry to see Broadsheet go.

Yes, it does mean me getting my late night Sundays back. No longer have to spend 2 hours in from of the screen at 10pm, trying to corral my thoughts and reactions to the week’s political news into something publishable and occasionally readable. But it also means losing a valuable and varied platform from which to launch my views and analysis.

Over the course of the past 6 years and across almost 250 opinion pieces, I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and analysis. I have even occasionally enjoyed reading the feedback. All of this without having a word of the material I submitted changed by the editor.

Though we were not always on the same page on every issue, or topic, not once was I asked to tone down what I had submitted. What you read here was what left my screen a few hours before… often with many of my typos and grammatical errors still intact.

Like many thousands of others I will miss Broadsheet, and miss the eclectic assortment of quirky and whimsical stories, doggie/cat pics, news items, and early sight of the next day’s front pages. It served its readers very well… and its contributors too. We will be the poorer for its demise.

Best wishes to all who helped and contributed over the years.


Frank Sinatra – Goodbye (She Quietly Says)

I see earlier that you were seeking some songs featuring the word Goodbye. Here (above) is my offering via Frank Sinatra. Actually this is from his old Watertown album (a flop when first realised in 1970), which is being re-released in special editions this week.

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The Old Boy‘s comment avatar, Alec Guinness as George Smiley in ‘Smiley’s People’

This afternoon.

Veteran Broadsheet commenter The Old Boy writes:

‘There is little left to say beyond what others have put better than I ever could, but then it was ever thus. I admit that I was surprised by the jolt of emotion I felt when I learned that Broadsheet would soon cease to be. It has been some time since I made regular contributions to the comment sections of this parish but I have kept a regular, if occasionally weary, eye on proceedings.

‘To all the other denizens I have had exchanges with over the past decade or so, farewell. I hold fond memories of so many, although I have never to my knowledge met any of you. I have conjured in my mind’s eye so many lives being well-lived, merely through what I can glean from a few lines of commentary. It is a sobering thought that once the link of Broadsheet has been severed, I shall hear of you no more.

‘To Bodger and former colleagues, comrades and contributors, I extend my thanks and gratitude. For many years and precious little thanks, you ran a site that was for me nothing less than essential reading. How distant are those lazy, hazy days the days when “century” threads were most usually provoked by the tricky topic of cycling, or referenda that have since passed once-monumental provisions into and out of the Constitution? Nuggets of seriously thorough investigative journalism sat jovially alongside things that look like Ireland. I enjoyed every minute of it, even if I often kept my head below the parapet.

Farewell to you all.’

Pic: BBC

From top: Little Slightly’s pet called ‘Cat’; Michael O’Riordan aka ‘Slightly Bemused’

This afternoon.

Slightly Bemused writes:

It really is sad that you are having to close down. I feel like there should have been something I could do to help, but not sure what.

I remember when I was introduced to the ‘sheet‘ I loved the repartee. When I wanted to comment, I did not see actual names and so had to come up with one for myself. I blame Clampers for that as, even in the name, I was slightly amused, and found many posting more so. And so Slightly Bemused was ‘born’ and the name defined how I wanted to see the world, too. And all too often one comment led to another, and I created missives where none were needed. I will miss that.

Little Slightly sends her very best, and her thanks for hosting her pieces. Her name came about when I won a pair of Nick’s vouchers for my favourite song (You To Me Are Everything by The Real Thing), and I mentioned that it always reminds me of my wonderful daughter. A comment, I think from Janet, said something to the effect of ‘best wishes to Little Slightly too’, and so she was anointed into the club.

She sent a picture of her cat, named Cat, to cheer you up. Sleepy and with partial blep (a word I only recently learned). I know dogs are more the site’s thing, but never mind. She cannot send a photo of herself as she just had her wisdom teeth out, and her face is all swollen, and I would not do that to her.

She grew up with cats, although her mother’s never liked me from day one. In bed the first night said cat Whiskers (imaginative names run in her family) snuggled into the crook of my knee above the blanket. When I turned in my sleep, as is often, I was awoken to a howl of protest as I catapulted her off the side and onto the floor. She haughtily ignored me ever after.

I would like to thank you and all the team for allowing me the space to post. It did allow me to deal with my own demons too, although in a different way perhaps. The columns gave me a focus around which my week could revolve.

During that time I learned the wisdom of a message emblazoned on the back of a truck in Malawi: ‘Hospital ceilings are boring. Keep your distance!’ . I had to get far to close to read that, but gently backed off.

Over the past few years I have seen more of my local hospital ceilings than I like, and now appreciate that warning in a different light.

My ramblings were often a form of catharsis, distracting me from my own woes and helping me recover. For that, I thank you all.

In reading one of the comments the other day (I think to Nick’s post) I was caught with an idea,  would it be an idea to make another Broadsheet buke based on contewnt posted over the years? I think you could do a whole one on John Moynes’ Limericks alone, and Harry’s Dublin would surely have a place. Nick’s Friday playlists I imagine would go down well. With careful curating, I imagine including the comments could be an attraction, too. I imagine you may be able to sell a few at least to the regulars. If not a hard copy, perhaps a soft, e-book, sort of thing? An idea to think about perhaps.

All the best, and thanks for all you have done for me.

Slightly Bemused‘s column appeared here every Wednesday.

Pics by Slightly and Little Slighty

Keeley – Never O’Clock

Requiem for a dream.

So after four years curating this corner of Broadsheet celebrating the best new Irish music, it is fitting that we should sign off with the inimitable Keeley (top), who recently released the latest video in her project to keep the memory of Inga Maria Hauser alive.

A German teenager who disappeared when on a holiday in Northern Ireland in the 1980s, Inga is now immortalised in song thanks to the dedication and determination of this groundbreaking Dublin singer.

Keeley’s new EP is out now on Dimple Discs.

Read her blog here

Nick says: Go Keeley!