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For the weekend that’s in it.

Ireland Vs Scotland.

Lansdowne Road, Saturday, February 19, 2000.

Ireland took to the pitch with a quintet of debutants, among them, Ronan O’Gara and Peter Stringer (airborne above), hoping to break a 12-year-long record of defeats.

The victory would usher in a golden era for Irish rugby.

Gerry Thornely, in the following Monday’s Irish Times, wrote:

And with one bound, Ireland were free. Just like that. It’s amazing what a bit of pace and variation, a bit of old-fashioned aggression and a little of confidence and luck can bring. But what a day, what a metamorphosis.

It was scarcely credible really. The sun shone for once gloriously on this normally overcast fixture, Lansdowne Road rediscovered its spirit and even the singing was good.

Any excuse

Ireland v Scotland: 10 Things You Really Should Know (Irish Times, February 21, 2000)

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This afternoon.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Scotland rugby fans , from left, Dave Cockburn, Fran Costello, Stevie Douglas all from Edinburgh about to be horrifically overcharged for liquor.


A horribly misjudged jazz rendition of the American national anthem performed by Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas at the NBA All Star game on Sunday.

And here’s how Youtuber Everybody Deserves Music gallantly ‘rescued’ it.


Behold: the deeply satisfying, slightly alarming ’sport’ of tethered hydroplane racing where motorised hydroplanes are tethered to a central point in ponds then released, whipping round at speeds up to 217km/h (135mph).


A 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution – one of only 24 such Quattro-killers made and an ultra-rare piece of rally car history.

Yours for between €200,000 and €270,000.


A ‘global’ heatmap by athletics-app creator Strava that shows humanity’s collective activity via 27 billion miles of logged data representing 200,000 cumulative years of swimming, running, cycling, and winter activities.

Explore it here.


Filmmaker and paraglider Jean-Baptiste Chandelier takes to the sky at Sao Miguel and Corvo in the Azores, Briançon and Serre Chevalier in France, Canoa Quebrada in Brazil and Clifton in South Africa.


Archer Lars Anderson demonstrates the dark art of ‘uncentering’ an arrow on release to bend its flight.

Achieved by a combination of air resistance and a deliberately offset shooting technique, the trick can send arrows around corners, over obstacles and even – with a sufficient headwind – right back to the archer.