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No, not stills from a Wes Anderson movie.

Rather, the retro Kegelbahnen of Southern Germany – largely untouched and mostly located in the basements of traditional restaurants – documented by Robert Götzfried who sez of them:

“Kegeln is pretty similar to bowling but with only nine pins, smaller balls, and shorter lanes. It used to be a big thing in Germany in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. These days this sport is not ‘en vogue’ anymore and it seems that mostly older people go these ‘Kegelbahnen.’ ” 


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Highland Park Bowl in LA, first opened in 1927, reopened as a moodily-lit bowlerama/restaurant/live music venue last April.

During refurbishment, the new owners uncovered all manner of original features including an extensive mural, original bow truss architecture and 1920s fittings which were recycled into chandeliers, seating and shelves.