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Nippy, in fairness.


Via Kerry Louise Bray on Telegram:

I was in town [Dublin] yesterday, met someone I know who is a Special needs Assitant and he told me the kids are all sitting in their jackets during class because they have to keep windows open to stop the transmission of the virus.

Our government cares so much about our youth it didn’t even think of investing in ventilation…

So they are sat in classrooms freezing their butts off with windows open and having to wear masks 7- 8 hrs a day…

We can still go to the bar though and not have to wear a mask.

Maybe we should move the kids into bars…. and let them do classes from there. Would make about as much sense as this governments regulations



Mark at Weatheir writes:

Counties Tyrone and Roscommon were Ireland’s coldest locations overnight with mercury levels dropping to minus 5 Celsius at the Met Éireann stations.

The air temperatures at Castlederg (Tyrone) and Mount Dillon (Roscommon) were the lowest recorded in Ireland since February.

Coldest night in Ireland since February (Weatheir)