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[Mr Justice Anthony Halpin]

[Tallaght District Court] Judge Halpin told Sergeant Bernard Jones: “Maybe we should consider introducing a light between amber and a red. Could you convey this to the authorities. The amber light isn’t working. When people see it, they speed up. We will cut out all traffic accidents.”

Right so.

Judge suggests blue traffic lights to cut road crashes (irish Times)



If it’s not Charlie (Dan Li) from ‘Amber’ shilling Whoppers.

John Joe writes:

Did you see where Charlie was deported to?… Burger King!
Deported to the UK, in our common travel area…

Every cloud has a silver limousin…

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They’re Calling It A ‘Hacklash’


One of the show’s producers (Paul Duane, above) tweeted this last night.

Was it four hours of suspense-filled TV for this?

How was it for you?

amber amber2



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Some disquiet on the tweet machine with regard to the depiction of Maeve the journalist (Justine Mitchell) in the rather excellent ‘Amber’ currently showing on RTÉ One.

Some clatter, in fairness.

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