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This morning.

Professor Pauric Travers, (above right) Chairman of  Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI )and Dee Forbes (above) , Director-General of RTE at the launch of three online classroom resources related to the Junior Cycle classroom.

Via the Irish Examiner:

Three TV programmes from RTE and TG4 archives were used to generate classroom resources for teachers and students of Business Studies, Geography, History, Gaeilge, SPHE, CSPE and Digital Media Literacy.

The three publicly funded programmes used to create the resources were Ireland’s Deep Atlantic, Wrecking the Rising/Éirí Amach Amú and Cloud Control.

These resources are available at here where teachers and students can access the material and programme clips referenced in the material and watch the three full programme series.

Online resources announced for Junior Cycle classrooms (Irish Examiner)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

From top: today’s  Junior Cert English Paper 1 today; Aoife Dooley

Illustrator and comedian Aoife Dooley tweetz:

Woke up to find out that I was on the junior cert English paper today  what the hell. I’m now getting messages from 15 year olds asking why I hate the bus. I just want to make it clear, I don’t, I just hate people…


Aoife Dooley

With the removal of history and geography as Junior Cycle core subjects, is the Government hoping for a new generation of citizens who don’t know who they are, where they are from, and why things are the way they are?

Louisa Moss,
Dublin 7.


History and geography (The Irish Times letters page)



The new Junior Cert Cycle.

It’s going to get very ASTI.

Seamus Keane writes:

I appreciate that you don’t normally do this but I’m one of a group of activist teachers in the ASTI union, we call ourselves ASTI Fightback. We’ve long campaigned against the cuts in education, class sizes etc., often clashing with our own unelected officials who we think have been compromised by years of Social Partnership and feel more at home in Government buildings with their peers than in the classroom with ordinary teachers.

We normally agitate for change within our own union and in conjunction with our sister unions but feel that recent developments in education necessitate bringing our concerns to a wider audience while trying to raise funds to aid our campaign.

Our members will be voting on the new Junior Cycle in a few weeks and we feel that this path the mandarins & bureaucrats in Government wish to lead us down is precisely the one that has ruined the education system in the UK, i.e. an outcomes-based curricular model promoting an instrumental, tick-box approach to the curriculum.

Their ultimate aim is the commodification of education where schools will be in competition with each other once league tables are published (the stated aim of Harold Hislop Chief Inspector Department of Education & Skills).

This will ultimately be achieved by doing away with the anonymous, number only exam marked by the State Examination Commission (flawed, yes but incorruptible in the sense that no one can corruptly bring influence to bear on the mark their son/daughter/nephew etc. will achieve).

If we accept this it means that soon schools will assess their own students for the purpose of certification which opens the door to pressure from parents & management for the best results possible. This system has been manipulated in the UK by school managers to corruptly facilitate their climb up the school league tables, a practice that has been exposed by the ITV ‘Exposure’ programme:

We are currently engaged in producing a document highlighting the failings of this system to post to every secondary school in Ireland (700). It is a costly endeavour (stamps alone will cost €476)  I was hoping you might post the link to our crowdfunding page [below] – Please also feel free to look at our Facebook page: ASTI Fightback to see what we’re all about…

*Flings duster*

New Junior Cycle Campaign (iCrowdfund.ie)



Teachers to strike on 2 December over Junior Cycle changes (RTÉ)



Via Páraic Gallagher


A wireless programme?

On the curriculum!?

R writes:

“The new Junior Cert (sorry, Cycle) English course will have a radio documentary on it from the “Documentary On One” on RTE Radio 1.
“The documentary recommended? “Don’t Go Far! (Your Dinner’s Nearly Ready)”. The story of two boys who hop on a bus in north Dublin and end up 3,000 miles away. Should be popular with the young people.”


Don’t Go Gar (RTE R! Documentary on One)

Junior Cycle English Course

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Know someone doing their mocks?

James Whelton (our favourite former teen sensation) and Trinity student James Eggers have come up with a pair of apps to help those sitting the Junior and Leaving Cert this year.

They describe the apps as giving:

Access to all the online Irish junior and leaving certificate papers for all levels, with such mind-blowing features as “full screen paper viewing mode”, landscape support and intelligent exam level remembering features, we built this app for such an incredible experience to aid studying, that if weaponised, aliens would finally visit earth in order to learn this app’s secrets.

No longer will you fear the Léamhthuiscint in Irish Paper 2 when viewed through this app. This is the perfect companion to the fast paced, exotic, glamorous and thrilling adventure that is the Junior Cert….

Unfortunately, there are no answers but there’s another app for that.

Junior Cert Papers and Leaving Cert Papers are available on the App Store for €1.79 each.

Do you have an Irish app? Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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