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Like movie adaptations that don’t quite resemble the book, the face peering back at us from the bathroom mirror can be, well, ¬†disappointing.¬† Time for a useful video essay from The School Of Life. To wit:

We’re always being told that we should make peace with how we look; but why? We never chose our bodies and nor should we necessarily be forced to identify with them. They’re like a random taxi we were shoved into at birth.

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Mercantile Group is looking for enthusiastic, outgoing and customer focused candidate to be our host / hostess in one of our leading venues…This position will be working alongside our existing team in the run up to Christmas with additional hours scheduled from January 2016 when an opportunity on the team will arise. Please send through a CV and cover photo


Host/Hostess, Mercantile Group (Jobs.ie)

Thanks Bob