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A three-hour self portrait (filmed in timelapse from behind a two-way mirror) in which implacably visaged Scottish artist and Preposterous lookalike Ewan McClure paints himself in reverse.


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David O’Carroll writes:

Here’s a lil’ documentary video about the WONDERFUL illustrator
Fuchsia Macaree. Hope you like it.

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Tokyo-based artist Thomas Romain’s two sons like to create their own fantastical characters, to which dad then applies his own professional drawing skills, years of experience and superior collection of pens and inks – surpassing the original drawings in every way, creating valuable exposure for himself and exposing his hapless offspring as cack-handed amateurs.

Fairly sure that’s what’s going on here.



Fanous painter socks from Chattytfeet by designers Sam Green, Mónica Monteiro, and Ciğdem ‘Chi’ Michalski.

Above: ‘Frida Callus’ and ‘Feetasso’, ‘David Sock-Knee’, ‘Vincent Van Toe’ and, God forgive them, ‘Andy Sock-Hole’.