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This morning.

Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin 2.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin (above left) at the launch of a portrait of Professor Mary Horgan, President, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and a member of NPHET, by artist Jack Hickey (top left).

Not all heroes have their portraits painted.

Leah Farrell RollingNews



Yes, obviously.

The extraordinary, swirling multicoloured portraits of Spanish illustrator Martin Sati: facial contours and reflected light rendered with digital ‘material’ which, sez he:

…is like semi-liquid and is difficult to model but at the same time is very rich in movement and liveliness… I work with this material, which I usually call ‘Silicone Pie,’ as an artisan works with ceramics. I am modelling the colours with lines of movement until I achieve an optimal level of detail.

In fairness.

More of Martin’s work here


A ‘visual excavation’ of Western history by British photographer Drew Gardner wherein descendants of historically significant people pose,  recreating  famous portraits of their ancestor.

But there’s more going here than mock-ups. The photograph of Shannon LaNier (top pic) is especially significant.

He’s the sixth-great grandson of Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, who the third U.S. president enslaved and forced to bear his children, a story that’s long been left out of historical narratives.

(From top: Shannon LaNier, Jefferson’s sixth-great grandson; Hugo de Salis, fourth-great grandson of Napoleon. Napoleon in his study, by Jacques-Louis David, 1812; Helen Pankhurst, great granddaughter of women’s rights activist Emeline Pankhurst; Tom Wonter, Wordsworth’s fourth-great grandson. William Wordsworth, portrait by William Shuter, 1798; Gerald Charles Dickens, Dickens’ great, great grandson. Charles Dickens, portrait by Herbert Watkins, 1858; Isambard Thomas, Brunel’s third-great grandson. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, portrait by Robert Howlett, 1857; Irina Guicciardini Strozzi, the 15th great granddaughter of Lisa del Giocondo. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci.)