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The adorable, slightly unnerving, big-eyed hybrids of Japanese artist Naoto Hattori.

Most a mere 7.5cm square, the highly detailed surreal acrylics reflect an obsession with eyes that has stayed with the artist since he was three years old. Sez he:

“When I closed my eyes, I could see a colourful eye like a mandala and it kept changing shape like a kaleidoscope. I drew hundreds of the eye images. Back then, I was thinking that it was something everyone could see.”


Winners (and runners up) in the 2019 Audubon Photography Awards.

From top: a camouflaged owl by Shari McCollough; two Great Blue Herons by Melissa Rowell; Kevin Ebi’s shot of a Bald eagle and a fox battling for possession of a rabbit (see how it all turned out here) and the Grand Prize Winner – a red-winged blackbird ‘blowing smoke rings’ by Katherine Swoboda, who explains:

I visit this park near my home to photograph blackbirds on cold mornings, often aiming to capture the “smoke rings” that form from their breath as they sing out. On this occasion, I arrived early on a frigid day and heard the cry of the blackbirds all around the boardwalk. This particular bird was very vociferous, singing long and hard. I looked to set it against the dark background of the forest, shooting to the east as the sun rose over the trees, backlighting the vapour.

In fairness…


A new animation by artist Jake Fried who builds up layers of ink and white-out liquid, changing and overlaying the same black and white drawing, scanning each new iteration into Photoshop (there are 1440 in total, filmed over seven months)  then editing the whole sequence into a 60 second short, complete with music soundtrack.

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