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‘Two Hundred and Seventy’ (2018)  – an installation by Nils Völker at Museum für agewandte Kunst (MAK) in Vienna,

A concave array of 270 plastic bags suspended from the ceiling inflate and deflate rhythmically – their movement controlled and  synchronised by 1000 precisely aligned fans and 45 circuit boards.

A constant crinkling sound fills the museum’s vast hall. Like the rustle of tissue paper. Or the rush of the tide.

Or that locust-person in Screen 12, two seats away with the big bag of M&Ms.

Now you have it.



An undentified English Tesco this morning.

Emma Jane Dempsey writes:

Welcome to the world of Bags For Life UK. Just wait until the 5p bags disappear…

AlainDelorme_Murmuration_01 alain-delorme-murmurations-bird-conducting-designboom-01AlainDelorme_Murmuration_03 AlainDelorme_Murmuration_04 AlainDelorme_Murmuration_05 alain-delorme-captures-the-balletic-murmurations-of-wild-birds-designboom-01AlainDelorme_Murmuration_06 AlainDelorme_Murmuration_08

The apparent mass synchronous movement of flocking birds ‘captured’ by French photographer Alain Delorme which, on closer inspection, turn out to be composed of thousands of meticulously placed digital images of plastic bags.