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From top: President of the High Court Justice Peter Kelly; Master of the High Court Ed Honohan

Unpaid internal court ventilation maintenance.

Healthy disdain for the banks.

Humane and empathetic.

He had to go.

Via The Irish Times:

Debt cases are to be removed from the Master of the High Court [Ed Honohan] under a direction signed today by the President of the High Court [Peter Kelly]….

The existing system for dealing with claims for a pure money debt involves a summary summons being issued in the High Court central office. If the debtor seeks to defend that, they enter an appearance. The claimant then proceeds to apply for judgment and that application then comes before the Master who has powers to deal with it himself or send it to the High Court to be dealt with.

Under the new practice direction, the procedure before the Master will be bypassed and summary summonses will be dealt with by a High Court judge.

That’ll learn him.

Debt cases to be removed from Master of the High Court (Irish Times)

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