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This afternoon.

Aldi have teamed up with their Ambassador Trisha Lewis, head chef at the renowned Jacobs on the Mall in Cork City to launch Raising the Barbecue, a new campaign to help turn the nation from ‘pit-iful grillers to gourmet barbeque masters’ this Summer.

Aldi surveyed 200 Irish people about their Summer BBQ habits and the results showed that we plan to host/attend an average of 30 BBQs this summer, whether at home or with friends.

Aislinn O’Toole writes:

60% of Irish people want to up their grilling game this year in order to impress friends and family! We’re a nation who loves to cook Chicken (26%) even more than Steak (23%), while fish, which can BBQ beautifully, is popular with just 1.5% of us!

For sauce it’s BBQ sauce (27%) winning closely over Ketchup (25.5%) with a surprisingly low score of 1.5% for Hummus, but we are fond of our Mustard, Mayonnaise, Garlic Mayo and Coleslaw! We’ll usually always serve a salad (92%) but maybe because we feel we should?


Aldi Ireland

Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision