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Priory Hall apartments in October 2017

The New Priory re-development at former site of Priory Hall apartments

Developer of the original Priory Hall apartments Thomas McFeely

This morning.

Almost eight years after more than 240 residents of the Priory Hall apartments were evacuated from the building, developed by Thomas McFeely, in October 2011…

Dublin Editor at The Irish Times Olivia Kelly reports that the redevelopment of the fire-trap apartments in Donaghmede, Dublin 13, is nearing completion at a cost of €52million – five times the estimated figure.

It’s reported the financial loss to the State will be approximately €40million.


Stephanie Meehan with her late partner Fiachra and their daughter Cerys at the High Court in May, 2013; Stephanie on the Late Late Show in 2013

Former resident of Priory Hall Stephanie Meehan’s partner of 17 years, Fiachra Daly, took his life in July 2013 at a house they had been living in since they were evacuated from Priory Hall.

Stephanie famously wrote to the then Taoiseach Enda Kenny in August 2013 about how the stress of their living situation took its toll on Fiachra.

In her letter, she wrote:

So I ask you, what will it take now for someone to listen and act on something that should’ve been dealt with two years ago and saved a lot of taxpayers’ money and, most of all, saved a life?

Tom McFeely walks around scot-free, he’ll never suffer how we are suffering, he’ll never lose what I’ve lost. He’ll start again, I am left with a lifetime of heartache and my children will inherit that too.

New Priory draws line under shoddy McFeely development (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times)

New Priory (brochure)

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Dear Enda


From left: Housing Committee Members, Deputy Barry Cowen, Senator Victor Boyhan, Deputy Eoin Ó Broin, Deputy Maria Bailey (chairwoman) and Deputy Pat Casey.

This afternoon.

Leinster House.

Cross party members of the Housing Committee launch a report on Building Standards, Building Controls & Consumer Protection that may help avoid another Priory Hall.

In yesterday’s Irish Times, Mr Ó Broin wrote:

In order for the building control system to be fully independent we have called for a Building Control and Consumer Protection Agency. It would work with local authorities to ensure consistency in application of building and fire safety regulations.

It would conduct research, hold the industry register and the BCMS. It would also deal with complaints and provide information for the public concerned about possible latent defects.

Alongside the new agency, the committee recommended significant changes to SI9. We felt strongly that the link between the certifiers and the developer/builder must be broken.

This would best be achieved by the local authority employing the certifiers directly alongside a greater level of independent local authority inspections.

The report also proposes a package of measures to ensure greater protection for homebuyers, including mandatory latent defects insurance and legislative reforms including transferable warranties and longer statues of limitations.

There was also a strong feeling in the committee that the State must accept its responsibility for the failures of the past. Priory Hall was only possible in the context of a badly designed and poorly reassured building control regime.

A more comprehensive redress scheme for those affected by historic defects must be put in place and our report outlined a number of possible funding options that could underpin such a scheme.



stephanie90316823(Stephanie Meehan,top, following a meeting with Enda Kenny at government buildings yesterday and, above with her late partner Fiachra and their daughter Cerys at the High Court in May.)

“The price Stephanie has paid is more than anyone should have to bear and every resident owes her a debt of gratitude we can never repay.We have no doubt that Fiachra is proud of her.”

Priory Hall Residents’ Committee

Martin McAleese to oversee Priory Hall deal implementation as agreement reached (RTE)

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(RTE/Photocall Ireland)

9023808716/10/2012 Improvements Local Government Systems(Environment Minister Phil Hogan and Enda Kenny, above, and Priory Hall in 2011)

Phil Hogan has moved to convene a process with stakeholders to identify fair and equitable solutions for Priory Hall homeowners and for the future of the complex. He has asked senior officials to initiate dialogue including representatives of Dublin City Council, the Irish Banking Federation, NAMA, the former residents and other stakeholders and to report back to the Government within 21 days with a proposed resolution.


Government moves to convene stakeholders to tackle Priory Hall problem (Merrion Street)

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Too Late

“I Just Need A Little More Time”

Priory Warning

Dear Enda

Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

stephenie:kathleenPriory Hall campaigner Stephanie Meehan (right), whose partner took his own life in July, appeared as a phone-in guest on The Marian Finucane show on RTE R1 yesterday.

The panel in the studio  included Kathleen Lynch TD (left), Minister of State for Disability, Equality and Mental Health.

Kathleen Lynch: “I just think that, Stephanie – Kathleen Lynch here, and again like everyone else, I mean, what do you say in circumstances like this, let’s be honest about it, very little that holds any comfort for people. But I would have to tell you that my own experience is that this issue of Priory Hall has literally been a weekly event on agendas and I think that..”

Marian Finucane: “What kind of agendas, whose agendas?”

Lynch: “Well, The Taoiseach, once a month, has a meeting with every single department and it has been on that agenda, virtually every month and I think his commitment this week to say we are going to resolve this issue..”

Stephanie Meehan: “Kathleen, it took two years for An Taoiseach to say that, and sorry, but you know, I think that’s two years too late for myself and the residents, we’ve lost a life here, as I’ve already said there’s been countless, there’s been millions of tax-payers money absolutely squandered, the amount of money, three million plus, that’s been estimated, could have gone toward re-housing people – permanently, and I’m very sorry, but I’m sick to death of your excuses and your government’s excuses.”

Lynch: “I’m not making any excuses, I mean, I think people genuinely do know that at the end of the day, you know, people out of their homes, through no fault of their own and still having to continue to pay a mortgage that is of no benefit..”

Meehan: “In all due respect, Ms Lynch, I think that two years is too long and to say that Mr. Kenny has it on the agenda monthly, you know what, he should have the decency and the humanity to meet with the residents of Priory Hall and that is it. It is – all, everything aside, it has gone on too long. We need to move on with our lives that’s just it.

Lynch: “And I think that will happen very shortly Stephanie..”

Meehan: “It should have happened two years ago, it should have happened two years ago.”

Listen here


“I’m hoping what the Taoiseach has said is true. I hope it is not another two years. I hope they are working on a solution right now, and they’re not waiting for another person to take their own life. In a couple of years I’ll be able to look back and say Fiachra didn’t die in vain.”


Stephanie Meehan (above) on the Late Late Show last night.

Priory Hall tragedy – partner urges Taoiseach to act (RTÉ News)

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Dear Enda

Pic: RTE

90311932(Stephanie Meehan, right, whose letter to Enda Kenny said the 18-month wait  in finding a solution to the Priory Hall crisis contributed to her partner Fiachra’s suicide in July of this year)

Enda Kenny gave a brief response to questioning about Priory Hall to Paschal Sheehy on RTE R1’s News at One.

Enda Kenny: “Priory Hall in my view, is an example of the worst of what happened during the so-called ‘Celtic Years’ (sic) , where people, through no fault of their own were put into houses that were effectively deemed to be death-traps. This is not going to sort itself out. Now, I want to say – I spoke to Minister Hogan about this, there is the issue of the rent matter that is before the courts.
“But I want the people to know, that just as in the same way as commentators said; ‘You won’t do anything about The Magdalenes, or you won’t do anything about The Pyrite problem, they said; you won’t do anything about Priory Hall. But, I want to assure you that we will!‘ I just need a little more time. I think it would be an injustice, a complete injustice to have these people, expected to pay mortgages and interest on houses that they will never live in.”

Paschal Sheehy: “Will The Government rebuild though, will The Government provide money for those apartments to be rebuilt, for those people?”

Kenny: “I have asked for a report for myself on this matter, I just need a little more time to get clarity about what is the best thing to do.”

Listen here

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(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

90240806The Priory Hall apartment complex, Dublin.

It’s not that Enda Kenny is an unkind man, it’s not that he doesn’t care. He sees the world differently – and unfortunate occurrences such as Priory Hall are not his business. The free market regulates these things, and in the market there are winners and losers.

When the banks collapsed in 2008, this column said that the next few years would see a fight over who picked up the tab. The establishment, here and in the EU bureaucracies, would do its best to bring about economic recovery. But there were conditions. It must be recovery without change. The social and economic hierarchies must be maintained, with all their statuses and privileges.

This corrupt, inefficient, dangerous set-up went to extraordinary lengths to indulge the greed of the few – and, as a result, destroyed itself. The aftermath needed an adversarial approach to the corruption, the recklessness, the ruthlessness. That wasn’t on anyone’s agenda. The same structure, the same people, prevailed. Capable of nothing else, the establishment has for six years now been trying to restore the system as it was. Any notions of justice, fairness or decency are dismissed as an unaffordable luxury.


One winner in ‘players v citizens’ battle (Gene Kerrigan, Sunday Independent)

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(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)