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From top: Belvedere College, Dublin 1; Clongowes Wood College

This afternoon.

A priest who abused students at Belvedere College has been publicly named by the Jesuit order as Fr Joseph Marmion.

The order has also revealed in a statement that Marmion, who also taught at Clongows Wood College, was moved on to head up chaplaincy at St Vincent’s Private Hospital after allegations of sexual abuse against him first surfaced…

…In 1977 the Jesuits received information from parents alleging sexual abuse at Belvedere College. “In consequence, a decision was taken that Joseph Marmion be removed from the staff in Belvedere with effect from the end of the academic year 1977/1978,” they said.

Fr Marmion “then spent a year on sabbatical in Paris with the Jesuit Community Saint François Xavier. He was then assigned to the Gardiner Street Jesuit Community. In 1990 he was appointed Chaplain to St. Vincent’s Private Hospital. We recognise that these subsequent appointments should not have been made.”

The statement continued that “while this particular communication relates to abuse that occurred in Belvedere College, Joseph Marmion also taught in Crescent College Limerick and Clongowes Wood College. Every effort will be made to communicate this information to former students in all schools”.

Priest ‘sexually and physically’ abused boys at Belvedere College in 1970s (Irish Times)

Priest who abused pupils at Belvedere College is named by Jesuit order as Fr Joseph Marmion (Independent.ie)

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The 31st annual Belvedere College Sleep Out at the Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin this morning 

Last night.

A traditional sleep out for the homeless by warm-hearted ‘Belvo’ pupils.

The very essence of noblesse oblige.

Or something more jesuitical.

…And yet, for me, passing those students at the Bank of Ireland this morning, something about the scenario made me uncomfortable. In a city where homelessness has become a crisis, is it really appropriate for students at a fee-paying school to express their solidarity by sleeping out on thick rubber mattresses, with plenty of warm sleeping bags and clothing? The students texting away on their phones, surrounded by plastic boxes of Roses and Celebrations, looked more like they were between gigs at Electric Picnic. In fact, Kodaline appeared yesterday at the GPO to perform for them.

This is not what actual homeless people look like, nor how homeless people live. Also, I’ve seen real homeless people sleeping both outside the Bank of Ireland and outside the GPO; people now ironically displaced by those raising money for them.

Nobody could disagree with the fact that the three charities [Peter McVerry Trust, Focus Ireland and Home Again] the Belvedere Sleepout support are worthy recipients. But what was appropriate 31 years ago as a charity endeavour is surely now outdated. It has become distasteful. In a city where so many are homeless, it looks plain wrong to see what amounts to people simulating being homeless on our capital’s main streets. Perhaps 2015 is the year Belvedere College needs to rethink how it does its annual fund-raiser for the homeless.

Is a school sleepout best way to raise awareness of homelessness? (Rosita Boland, Irish Times)

Judith Goldberger writes:

Jesus is that churlish stuff in the Irish Times. A newspaper that can be safe in the knowledge that their major contribution to alleviation of the plight of the homeless is to help keep them warm at night [using discarded copies].


Pic via Vinnie Quinn