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Custom House and Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin and Run Logic in Temple Bar, Dublin

Next Wednesday, December 12.

At 6.15pm.

The Dublin Running Meet Up Group – a group of recreational runners who go for 30 minute to hour-long post-works jogs – will be meeting up for a 10km jog around the city to see the capital’s lights before having a burger.

They’ll start from the shop Run Logic at 3-4 Smock Alley Court, Essex Street West, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

They write:

“Dublin City Council has decorated 13 buildings in and around the city centre, including four bridges. We will be running from the shop taking in the sights on this elaborate tour of Dublin, stopping at locations for photo opportunities.

“We will also be able to loop through town via the bridges – reaching as far as the East Link Bridge and back to Temple Bar.

“Closing out the night we will go for burgers at WOW on the quays.”

“We warm gear, high viz safety gear and a big smile!”

Any excuse

Dublin City Lights Burger Run 10km (Meet Up)


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Samuel Beckett Bridge reimagined by Dublin FX

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Jumping on the promotion bandwagon for the upcoming 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace, Belgian fast food chain Quick will offer the Jedi Burger (what’s that under the top bun? Decorative gravel? Teeth?) and the frankly alarming carbon-black ‘Dark Vador’ Burger.

There’s also Darth Maul-inspired Dark Burger and a yet-to-be-revealed Yoda Burger (which will almost certainly be small, green and wrinkly).


Dean Martin was once asked by the legendary comic Marty Brill why he drank so much. “I drink to forget” Martin replied. “That’s sad” said Brill. “It could be a lot sadder” Martin declared. “What could be sadder than drinking to forget?” Brill asked. Martin’s reply? “Forgetting to drink!”

Badum tish!


Pincho Factory restaurant in Miami, Florida sells what they call ‘The Elvis Burger’, containing all the key elements of The King’s favourite snack: peanut butter, bananas and cheese on a 5oz patty in a toasted brioche bun.

Thankyouverymu…akkk…my aorta…