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This morning.

Liberty Hall, Dublin 1

The queue for the casting of extras for The Green Knight, directed by David Lowery…’an Irish/American Co-production.Based upon the classic 14th Century poem, The Green Knight tells the tale of Sir Gawain, a young Knight who embarks upon a quest to confront the titular Green Knight’.


Film Extras Casting Open Day – “The Green Knight” (JobAlert)

Pics via Herber Rowan


This lunchtime.

Temple Bar, Dublin

Sue Jefferson writes:

The ‘Vikings‘ extras Dublin audition queue [100 metres from the Temple Bar pub] is as long as an old goat’s beard. Better it is to die in the queue with honour than to live in shame because you did not defend your place in the queue….

Vikings Extra Casting (Facebook)

Screenengrab via the DublinCam


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Will pillage for food.

Wannabe Viking extras in the queue including lushly-bearded Eoghan Hegarty (top) from Sligo  and from pic 4:  Rune Malens from Denmark; Orests Kalnberzins from England; Derrick Young from Scotland & Rory Drumm from Dublin; and Henry ‘Rarr’ Laurie from South Africa.

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

Gandalf (Sean Connery) and Hannibal Lecter (Gene Hackman)

Indiana Jones (Tom Selleck) and Neo from The Matrix (Will Smith)

LIFE’s mega-gallery of stars who nearly made it to the biggest roles in cinema history, but thankfully (in most cases) didn’t. Some you’ll know. Some you won’t.

We reckon Hackman would have made a great Lecter.

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