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And you thought you had a lot of free time.

The Celtic Apple by the Art Repair Shop, a New York-based online recycling service that renders everyday objects into works of art. Kinda.

Sez the repair person:

In a way it made me think of the recent IT bubble in Ireland, and the whole myth of the Celtic Tiger, which turned out to be very expensive for the Irish people. I found some nice knot patterns on Youtube, further implicating the myth of the Celts in the modern digital age, and proceeded to turn the cable into a “Tree of Life” Celtic knot. I mounted the necklace I now had in a simple box frame to further separate it from the everyday and emphasise its mythical qualities.


Meanwhile, the Celtic Apple’s humble origins:

Celtic Apple, Object Number 2 (ArtRepairShop.com)

(Thanks Karina Bracken)

That’s not a punchline.

This, etc.

Irish comedy works exactly like Fianna Fáil. It just hasn’t been chased, hung up and gutted. Yet. So why aren’t our top Irish comedians more satirical, edgy about Ireland, the Celtic Tiger and all that? For starters they were the fat comedy kittens suckling noisily on the Celtic Tiger’s withered old teats. Still suckling on the fetid corpse.
All unregulated and unchallenged by De Meejia, State or We The People.
Sound familiar? Nothing to say about day-to-day Ireland, because they are not of it.
Surfing the greedy wave, they are well in with the bankers, the advertisers, the sponsors and the media whores, when they should be lining up those very turkeys in their gun sights.
Spotlight the money trail and you find that many of our public, pouting, posturing comedians did fantastically well out of boom-crazed Ireland, but they get moany and sob in green rooms on free booze, that they are true artists, with de integrity, like.
Knights in shiny Armani more like.



And he’s naming names.

Death Of Satire Just When We Needed It? Now That’s Funny (Alex Lyons, Irish Times)

An familiar story stylishly told. Includes interviews with housewives, the unemployed, taxi drivers, people from Occupy Dame Street, Fintan O’Toole, Margaret E Ward, Mick Wallace, Simon ‘Breakfast With Anglo’ Kelly and epicurean Ross Golden Bannon.

Watch here

(Go to 16.10. What are those earrings Mick Wallace is wearing?)

Thanks Richard Fahy


The Guardian’s Lisa O’Carroll writes:

Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross reckons Ireland will the first European nation to recover from the sovereign debt crisis and “will once again become the Celtic Tiger”.

His buyout firm, WL Ross and Co, has already staked a claim on Ireland’s future fortunes by taking equity in Bank of Ireland along with four other investors, helping it avert full nationalisation.

But his use of the phrase Celtic Tiger may rankle with many who think the moniker symbolises an economy out of control.

Still, he’s pretty confident.

“We like Ireland very much because, unlike the Club Med countries, it doesn’t need structural reform of the economy,” Ross said in an interview with CNBC.

“All it really needs is to get through the financial crisis that was caused when its banks went berserk. But Ireland’s fundamentals are still there.”

Ireland will once again become the Celtic Tiger.”

Wilbur. Man. Will you STOP saying that?

 Ireland will be ‘Celtic Tiger’ again – Wilbur Ross (Guardian Ireland Business Blog)



1997. Where it all began.

Financial institutions “awash” with cash and desperate to lend. A toothless Central Bank unable to stop them. A gnomic Fingers dreaming of bonuses to come. And a solemn George Lee warning of “uncharted waters”. Jaw-dropping.

(Bonus feature: The Ronan and Carrie Crowley)