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the-perfect-car-porsche-citroen-designboom01the-perfect-car-porsche-citroen-designboom03the-perfect-car-porsche-citroen-designboom06the-perfect-car-porsche-citroen-designboom02the-perfect-car-porsche-citroen-designboom04perfect3You decide.

A perfectly feasible conceptĀ  for classic car welding involving sublime German (Porsche 911) and French (1955 Citroen DS) designs by visual communications outfit Brandpower.

A four-door family sports car powered by a rear mounted 3.0l, 260bhp turbocharged block in a reinforced chassis with larger wheels.

Party at the front. Par-tay at the back.

The Perfect Car: A Porsche Citroen 911 DS Franken-Sportscar (DesignBoom)

(H/T: Barry McKenna)

mercmerc2I regularly find Merc W123 series and only some make the cut onto my camera for being extra-interesting. This 280CE tops the list of W123s that I’ve come across, this time on Gardiner Row near Parnell Square. The bodywork is pristine and I love the stance at the front with the lower splitter lip. I certainly wouldn’t fancy parking it around that area for too long though.”

volvovolvo2“The Volvo 440 used to be a fairly common sight on Irish roads but they’ve become especially rare, particularly the pre-facelift models like this 1993 example on Clare St {Dublin].”

stag2“Triumph’s infamous Stag was found here on Lombard Street {Dublin}. It boasted the troublesome 3.0V8 engine and had a 4-speed manual transmission with overdrive. I’m not sure of the year but it look like a late model, probably 1976-1978.”

Pics and text by Patrick ‘Carspotter’ Cummins.

Permission granted for reg plates, etc.