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Today’s Irish Daily Star

In fairness.


‘…The most significant criticism of the current Government is that it has given conflicting and sometimes contradictory health guidance. The public are frustrated both by the pandemic itself and the mixed messages they receive from those in authority.

This is hardly a surprise given the attendance at the Clifden golf dinner. A Cabinet Minister who sat in on discussions about new guidelines clearly did not understand their reach. A European commissioner believed he was within the guidance and a Supreme Court judge was not very clear about their contents at a practical or personal level.

If these eminent people were confused, it is easy to understand how the ordinary citizen might also be confused. If the new oversight group achieves more clarity around messaging and what is practical then it will have achieved a lot.

But it remains hard to believe, having served in government, that an extra layer will render things more transparent.’

Former Fianna Fáil Minister Conor Lenihan.

Covid-19 Oversight Group could add to confusion over health advice (Conor Lenihan, Irish Times)