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‘Ready to Pour’ tipples now available for delivery to YOUR door


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Sarah Corr writes:

 Box Burger and sister restaurant Platform Pizza in Bray have extended their delivery offering to include a selection of signature cocktails.

…transport your taste-buds with a delicious ‘Bray Bré’, a fruit infused ‘Drumstick’ or a classic ‘Espresso Martini’ as these pre-mixed homebound serves take the hassle out of cocktail making.

Enjoy a lil’ Margarita…Margherita, with fresh Italian cuisine from Dublin’s Sano Pizza and Doolally’s authentic taste of India just some of the new flavours also now available for delivery on Just Eat [at link below]

Other Bray-based takeaway restaurants are available.


Just Eat


To honour its hosting of Morrissey’s seven-night residency on Broadway, the Lunt-Fontanne theatre in Manhattan re-named some of the drinks in its bar after the great man’s songs…

Now every day is like Friday.


Morrissey kicks off Broadway residency with a full-blown rock-and-roll concert (New York Post)

Via Neil D’Auria 



Like bringing coals to a place that has never heard of coal.

Diarmuid writes:

My local pub in Monaghan Mc Kenna’s Bar [Dublin Street, Monaghan] made this {NSFW] video  to advertise their new cocktail bar. It’s not your average promotion video [and features some McKenna regulars]  so I figured you guys might enjoy it…