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Elderly man walks in Bray, Co Wicklow last month before the Government called for people aged over 70 to “cocoon”; tweets from Irish marine journalist Tom MacSweeney

This morning.

Kathy Sheridan, in The Irish Times, wrote about people aged over 70 having to “cocoon” which she described as “mandatory confinement”.

She writes:

They have put on their game faces. None of them lacks awareness of the pressing reasons behind the lockdown or is seeking to place blame.

But it is a very odd situation where a supermarket can organise separate, safe shopping hours for people who are older or vulnerable while the incalculable psychological and physical benefits of a short walk outdoors are denied to them.

A designated “walking hour” each day – or even the luxury choice of an hour in the morning or evening – for the over-70s is hardly an insuperable ask.

In fairness.

Kathy Sheridan: Let the over-70s have a walk (The Irish Times)


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Chernobyl: finally hermetically sealed after three decades.

The European Bank For Reconstruction and Development sez:

Thirty years after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the radioactive remains of the power plant’s destroyed reactor 4 have been safely enclosed following one of the world’s most ambitious engineering projects. Chernobyl’s giant New Safe Confinement (NSC) was moved over a distance of 327 metres from its assembly point to its final resting place, completely enclosing a previous makeshift shelter that was hastily assembled immediately after the 1986 accident.