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Last night/this morning.

A petition has been launched calling for the removal of the domestic COVID pass in Ireland.

‘Vaccinated and Worried’ writes:

The domestic COVID pass in Ireland should be abolished immediately. It is a divisive and discriminatory measure with very little scientific basis.

As a tool it divides the nation but if you are vaccinated but oppose the domestic COVID please add your name to this petition (at link below).

I still have faith in Irish people and I hope that deep down many know that it is fundamentally wrong to deny fellow citizens a normal every day life based on a medical treatment.

I am vaccinated but I no longer feel comfortable sitting inside knowing that others cannot do so. The only reason the domestic COVID pass is possible is because the vaccinated consider it acceptable.

If you are vaccinated but against the domestic COVID pass please add your name and voice to this petition.

Sign here

This Afternoon.

The Dáil at the Convention Centre, Dublin.

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar explains the government’s digital covid pass strategy. To wit:

We do expect that within the next three weeks, hundreds of thousands of people will receive their digital Covid cert, either electronically or perhaps even by post.

“We’re working out now whether we can use that domestically.

“It was only ever intended for international travel and border check control people checking these passes is a very different thing from your local pub or your local restaurants and that’s what needs to be worked out.”

Sounds promising.


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