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Rennaissance era cutlery inscribed with musical notion and lyrics: on one side a benediction before eating and on the other, a post-prandial grace. The second image (above) has the following inscriptions:

“The blessing of the table. May the three-in-one bless that which we are about to eat.” And the other side reads: “The saying of grace. We give thanks to you God for your generosity.”

V&A curator Kristen Kalber explains:


A user called LhoghoNurbs on the Fractal Forums posted this magnificent fractal cutlery set as a competition entry.

If it existed in real life, the set would include:

Cantor fork :: now you can pin a single kiwi seed. Twice in a row.
Recursive spoon :: it will never let you spill a drop of soup. Ever.
Koch knife :: to delicately cut hair-thin slices out of an egg. A raw egg.

The Infinity Set :: the set includes itself. As a subset.

Every piece of the set is inscribed with our Julia logo and our motto “The Infinities are Possible”. Limited quantities. Unlimited price. The kiwi, the drop of soup and the egg are not included in the box, but could be ordered separately.