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Car space owners.

Beware of Germans bearing dodgy cheques.

Conor writes:

I just wanted to share an attempted (and quite convincing) scam that was tried on me. I placed an ad on DoneDeal a couple of weeks ago advertising a parking place.

A gentleman from Germany contacted me about it and wanted to rent it up front for two years as his business was relocating him to Dublin and the business was able to pay for it up front.

He sent me a cheque and I lodged it to my account. At this point he told me he wanted it only for one year and was looking for a refund of half the value and to pay it to his account.

It’s quite a sneaky scam because on lodging the cheque the money appeared in my account and was accessible to me immediately. The kicker is as it’s a foreign cheque it can take up to 10 days or even longer to clear.

Needless to say I wasn’t willing to send him any money till the cheque cleared. I haven’t heard from him since telling him this!

I was fortunate not to fall for the scam but others I’m afraid will be not so lucky. Is there any chance you could put a warning on your site about this?

And if anyone is looking to rent a car park space in city centre I have one available ;) The email address he was using is now shutdown.




Dean writes:

Having recently moved into a new home I spent today’s commute looking for a nice rug on DoneDeal. After an hour of browsing a bizarre pattern started to emerge. The recurring appearance of a shiny orange-faced man pouting lustfully. Judging from these images this guy’s selling me the kind of shagpile that may  involves throwing my new house keys into a bowl….



Luxury Carpet Ltd (DoneDeal)