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Love and Death (pic3, 4) and Taste The Rainbow (last two pix) – two works composed of (6,607 and 4937, respectively) ‘microcellulose, magnesium Sterate, MDMA  and pigment embossed tablets encased by 3 sheets of museum quality, non-reflecting, UV resistant acrylic and framed in tulip wood’ by British ‘underground artist’ Chemical X.

To you? £100,000 and £75,000 respectively.



Further to reports of deaths linked to green ecstasy tablets with a Rolex or apple symbol being sold in Ireland, Concerned Citizen writes:

“Old media are in the throws of hysteria today. Any chance broadsheet could counteract the “just say no” line from HSE and government and put some real info out there and maybe kickstart a decent discussion that’s not all half truths and scaremongering.

PMA (or sometimes PMAA) adulterated ecstacy are what is causing deaths. Vice did a good article on this a while back, good overview for the uninitiated: “You’ve got so many complicating factors in a prohibitive market that it makes harm reduction almost impossible. When you have no quality control and, at the same time, no enforcement, this is the likely outcome. Sadly, this is the kind of thing that will continue to happen.”

People will continue to die until something is done, the government need to wake up and get real with proper harm reduction strategies for all forms of drug misuse and abuse. Prohibition is killing these kids.

The numbers are way off skewed as well because a lot of families will keep it hushed for obvious reasons if someone dies from taking an illegal drug. I know of at least one family that did this. The stigma attached is causing the true numbers of deaths to go unreported.

Kids are not going to stop taking these drugs at the weekend, particularly given the fact that what is being thrown at them from the papers is rubbish and they know it. Why should they believe any of it?”

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PMA – the ecstasy and the agony (Guardian, October 2013)

(Pic: Vice)

Customs officers have reported a large increase in the discovery of ecstasy in items entering the Republic in the postal service and in private courier parcels.

The drug is one of a range of synthetic substances being discovered with much greater frequency since head shops and the psychoactive products they sold were banned under legislation in 2010.

Gardaí and Customs officers also believe ecstasy has begun to make a return because it is much cheaper than cocaine, the consumption of which has decreased since the recession began and disposable incomes were hit.

In 2010 the value of ecstasy seized by Customs stood at €3,390. Last year this increased to 41,000 tablets and 3kg of the drug in seizures throughout the year, with a combined estimated value of €700,000.

Customs reports rise in ecstasy seizures (Conor Lally, Irish Times)

Trade in banned head shop drugs grows via postal system (Irish Times)