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An enamel pin business born of a love of architecture – some of the world’s most iconic building façades recreated in pleasing minimalist 2D pin brooches.

Above: Geisel Library, California; Pagoda House, Tel Aviv; Eames House, California; Pantheon, Italy; Villa Savoye, France; clockwise from top left: Guaranty Building, Buffalo NY; VitraHaus, Germany; Notre Dame, Paris; house on Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv and Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo.

Currently crowdfunding and accepting advance orders (Busáras, the Casino at Marino, Supemac’s in Moate and so forth) for the façades of your choice


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Fordite, also known as Motor Agate, is a multilayered, heat-tempered nugget of hardened enamel paint dating back to a time when newly manufactured cars were painted using hand sprayers.

Excess paint collected on assembly line apparatus would harden into solid enamel after repeated exposure to the drying ovens. Once considered a waste product, the vintage chunks are now highly sought after by jewellers in the US.