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Behold: the Galleria department store in the Korean city of Gwanggyo, 25km south of Seoul.

Designed by OMA/Chris van Duijn, the facade features a replicating mosaic of precision cut triangular stones and bulging triangular opal windows apparently inspired in part by the nearby Suwon Gwanggyo Lake Park.


An enamel pin business born of a love of architecture – some of the world’s most iconic building façades recreated in pleasing minimalist 2D pin brooches.

Above: Geisel Library, California; Pagoda House, Tel Aviv; Eames House, California; Pantheon, Italy; Villa Savoye, France; clockwise from top left: Guaranty Building, Buffalo NY; VitraHaus, Germany; Notre Dame, Paris; house on Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv and Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo.

Currently crowdfunding and accepting advance orders (Busáras, the Casino at Marino, Supemac’s in Moate and so forth) for the façades of your choice


The façade of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway brought to life in a continuous motion feature conjoured from a single photograph by animator Ismael Sans-Pena, who sez of it:

The idea behind the film was to find the innate movement inherit in still forms. Every sculpture has movement in it, and it is the task of the animator to discover it. It was through the process of editing my imagery that I discovered that a single image would suffice to create the animation. The film was made by zooming into the image and panning row by row while making sure that different architectural motives aligned in every increment. This also gave a structure to the film.